Homer’s 45th

AO: The Hooch

When: 04/05/2021

QIC: Homer

PAX (8): Speedo, Meatball, Wingnut, Dinghy, Maguire, Lotus (DR from Minnesota Twin Cities), ReadyMix, Homer


It’s cool that after doing F3 for a couple years now, that I don’t have too many of those QDrenaline nights. Trying to figure out what to do… Overthinking it all.

Last night was not one of those. In fact, I really showed up with a general idea in my head, but not a fully fleshed out plan. Made it fun to execute on the fly. The only thing I knew, there would be 45 SSHs somewhere in the warmup. We were headed toward the John’s Creek HS hill, and we would hopefully have time to do Baba O’Riley.


8 PAX total. Disclaimer. Mosey down the parking lot. Decided on the fly that we could do some DB drills for a couple sections of parking lot. Heard some mumblechatter in the back talking about ankles.

After ward, circle up for 10 WindMills, and then 45 SSH. Several of the PAX realized it was a birthday Q around SSH number 22.

The Thang:

Mosey down the hill toward the corner crosswalk. 10 Dips while we waited for light to cross. Run across State Bridge and hang a left toward the back sidewalk adjacent JCHS.

There always has to be some ‘creative’ way to traverse this route. Normally with something at the lamp posts and bridge. YHC quickly visual confirmed 5 lamp posts. Quicker common core math through my head, I figured 10 reps per 4 posts + 5 Burpees at the 5th.

Ended up with 10 flutter kicks, 10 freddie mercury, 10 V-ups, and 10 LBCs. That plus the 5 Burpees = 45 and got us to the bridge. From here. Indian Run to the rock pile.

Everyone grab a rock. Meet at the hill. 11s with Curls at the bottom and skull crushers at the top of the hill. Cusack the rock both ways. This is where the shoulders really started to light up.

After everyone finished their 11s, we returned the rocks, and moseyed to the block retaining wall. Wall sit for about 45 seconds. Then flip over and Balls to the Wall for an undetermined amount of time. YHC realized after the Cusack 11s that BTTW is not a great encore.

Indian run back to lamp posts. If the reps were good on the way in, why not on the way out. 10 Flutter Kicks, 10 Freddie Mercuries, 10 V-ups, 10 LBCs and 5 Burpees. Mosey to the cross walk and mosey all the way back to the flag.

And that left just over 7 minutes for something. Baba O’Riley has been in my back pocket for a few Qs. Waiting for the perfect time to try it out. You’re not supposed to Q what you can’t do… but how hard can it be really.

To the tune of The Who’s Baba O’Riley (no it’s not called Teenage Wasteland) you do in rhythm Imperial Walkers. Harder than it seems. 5 minutes of pain. It slows down and then speeds up for the last 30seconds. Good times.

Finally we finished with gas pumpers (after the 5 minutes of Imperial Walkers… that was crazy) and then 20 merkins.


Prayers for Stroller and his family. Prayers for those traveling. Prayers for us to be the men we’re called to be.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always good to be back at the Hooch with these men. Learning to lead out front means you never miss the opportunity to lead the workout on your birthday! I’m in the best shape of my life and am a better leader because of F3.


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