The Egg Hunt with Merkins

AO: The Norseman

When: 04/01/2021

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (12): Birdie, TMI, Blistex, Crikey, Nacho Libre, Dr. Rico, Huckleberry, TO, Bottom Bunk, Jethro, Callahan, Ha-ha


We had a Q. The Q had a 2.0. The 2.0 had a COVID test. The test had a positive. So a new Q was needed to allow for proper quarantine. I offered. No one bit so, ya got YHC.

Easter is coming so it was time to brush up on our Easter Egg hunting skills.



We ran to turf field #1 and circled up for:

  • SSH
  • Weed Pickers
  • Imperial Walkers

That’s enough.

The Thang:

Time to hunt for Easter Eggs.

Four Corner Stacking Merkins

  • First corner 10 merkins
  • Second corner 10 merkins, 10 diamond merkins
  • Third corner 10 merkins, 10 diamond merkins, 10 stagger left merkins
  • Forth corners 10 merkins, 10 diamond merkins, 10 stagger left merkins, 10 stagger right merkins

No eggs were found so we moved on down the road.


We stopped at the pond to see if Dora could help us find eggs:

Partner up, one partner runs to Hot Sauce’s pole while the other works on the exercises:

  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 Squats
  • 300 LBCs

After we finished looking with Dora we headed down the trail past the pond and into the woods and took a right up to the church’s parking lot.

Bear Crawl

There MUST be some eggs in this big lot. Maybe we were not looking hard enough. So we bear crawled across teh whole lot to get a close up look at the ground and STILL no eggs!

We ran back into the woods and down to Crikey’s amphitheater. Same partners as before. One partner does 10 abyss merkins on the benches while the other holds air chair then flapjack.

No eggs under the benches either so up Nacho’s hill of death to the playground. Maybe some kids dropped eggs here.

Morning Call

Everyone planks and one at a time the PAX run to the playground and perform 10 pull ups and return. For every pull up the PAX in plank do a merkin. After all PAX finished, no eggs.

We ran over to the pavilion for

Balls to the Wall

Maybe if we turned the world upside down we could find eggs. Everyone on their hands and the last PAX up is the winner. And the winner is? Nacho “Mr. Balls” Libre.

Time was short so we ran back to the flag for

50 Burpees each PAX

April Fools. Only Birdie would do that!

One round of Mary, The T- Bomb



Safe travels for many PAX traveling next week for Spring Break.

Stroller’s dad.

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