Time Management

AO: Firehouse

When: 04/01/2021

QIC: Ace Ventura

PAX (8): Ace Ventura Script Kiddie Dunshire Buckeye Suarez Lightweight Lifelock FNG (now named Pebble)


QIC arrived to put together dry erase board, which took the worst possible moment for it to break, requiring it to lean against the field fence.

PAX who arrived on time chatted about how cold the weather was, especially considering a few days ago it was warm enough to exercise outside in shorts.  Temperature was approximate 38 degrees.  Good natured ribbing was given to Script Kiddie, as he had been wearing shorts the last few beatdowns, but now succumbed to the weather and wore long sleeve shirts and pants.


Also, thanks were given to Suarez for swinging by the Firehouse storage unit and getting jump ropes and Dunshire for bringing a light for the dry erase board.


PAX moseyed to the normal warm up spot.


10 side straddle hops

10 weed pickers

15 hillbillies

10 sun gods

The Thang:

PAX were paired off into teams:

Script Kiddie/Lightweight

Ace Ventura/Buckeye

Lifelock/FNG (now named Pebble)



Each team member was responsible for the following exercises (one teammate could do the other’s responsibility in any category if they so chose):

200 Merkins

200 Squats

150 Side-straddle Hops

300 LBCs

100 Carolina Dry Docks

10 field sprints

100 WW2 sit ups

50 Lunges

100 Leg Raises

100 Jumps with a jump rope

50 Imperial Walkers


No PAX finished the entire list in the 45 minutes allotted, but several PAX completed 7 or 8 of the list.



Prayers were given to those traveling for Spring Break next week and for Script Kiddie dealing with a tough financial transaction in the sale of a vehicle.

Normal prayers were offered for sad clowns everywhere, hoping they find what they need to get their life in order (whether that be F3 or not).

Buckeye volunteered to do MOC.  He showed the PAX the proper way to tie a shoe.  While most of us were concerned that he thought we were 5 years old, he brought up the point of basketball coach John Wooden teaching his players how to tie shoes, showcasing that even the small things make a big difference and should be taken seriously.


6th man went to Lifelock.  PAX got to know Lifelock better as he talked about his primary passion, coding anything and everything.  He also discussed his desire to be a cyber security specialist to protect the world from evil doers.


A naming ceremony for an FNG ensued.  A friend of Lifelock and Lightweight, the young man is a videogamer, and son of a PAX we see from time to time, Asphalt.  After discussion, Lifelock choose the name Pebble, since he is Asphalt’s son.

Naked-Man Moleskin:


PAX celebrated another beatdown and new member by having coffee in the parking lot, though the young PAX (Lifelock and Pebble) chose to sit in their car to avoid the cold (and sadly avoid 2nd F).

There was discussion on Buckeye’s creativity and ability to select poignant (and sometimes obscure) concepts for MOC or beatdowns.


PAX Ace Ventura and Script Kiddie stuck around after coffee to do a post beatdown rucking session.

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