The Rubicon Concession

AO: The Norseman

When: 03/30/2021

QIC: Callahan

PAX (34): Shooter, Nacho Libre, Ski Bunny, Nomad, Pit Stop, El Caballo, Walkie Talkie, T.O., Ha-Ha, TMI, Hasselhoff, Crikey, Greyhound (FNG), Zohan, Birdie, Scar, Clyde, False Start, Schneider, Crabcake, Snowman, Lefty, Honeyglazed, Blistex, Hot Sauce, Cookie, Special K, Stifler, Lumbergh, Spit Valve, Devito, Callahan


With the last day of March upon us, it was time to tally the scores between the Rubicon and the Norseman.  Scores meaning attendance for pre-runs, beatdowns, FNGs, VQs, South African pastries, and the list goes on.  It was a heated battle throughout the month with the lead going back and forth between David and Goliath.   The growth at the Norseman has been solid over the last few months, so the challenge was definitely a good fight!

Continual chatter on Slack, defections (some may say deflections), wrong addresses given to new guys…it all adds up to some serious fun.

So Ha-Ha threw out a mini convergence topic all over Slack and the PAX showed up to help the Norseman numbers.  As the clock hit 5:29, the numbers were solid.  Then, through the darkness, the men of the Rubicon appeared.  Much like Rudy running through the tunnel onto the field, the welcome was strong.  “If you can’t beat em, join em” was said, but honestly, it showed the strength of the Alpha…and the straight class by the Rubicon guys.  Showing up to end the March challenge together was truly a solid move…well done, gents.  Proud to call you all brothers!


On to the beatdown…quick disclaimers were given, although MillerTime accepted all responsibility for anything that went sideways(respect).  We headed up the hill to the parking lot by the softball fields for some Side Straddle Hops, Weed Pickers and Hillbillies before moseying down the hill to the rock pile.

The Thang:

Coupons were selected and we headed back up to the parking lot.  With all of the talk about the vaccine, it was time to administer the 45 minute Norseman version.  YHC distributed the “vaccine” comprised of multiple workouts that would be performed on an OYO basis.  PAX were required to do the running section and burpees, but the remainder would be completed in whatever order they chose.  Ha-ha provided the COVID playlist and away we went…


Running – (required) Abs
Lap around parking lot 20 Dying Cockroaches
End Zone to End Zone 40 American Hammers
Pavilion and Back 20 Flutter Kicks
End Zone to End Zone 30 Freddie Mercurys
20 LBCs
Burpees – (required) 20 Box Cutters
10 Burpees 20 Reverse Crunches
10 Burpees
10 Burpees Cardio
100 Mountain Climbers
Coupons 100 Side Straddle Hops
30 Overhead Press
30 Curls Jumping
30 Skull Crushers 50 High Knees
30 Bent Over Rows 50 Side to Side – skier jumps
10 Broad Jumps
20 Lunges Merkins
20 Squats 20 Regular
20 Jump Squats 20 Diamond
Lunge Walk – 40 total steps 20 Wide Arm
30 Calf Raises


Finished up at the flag for a short round of Mary with LBCs and Flutters right up to 6:15.



Welcome FNG Greyhound!  He held the nickname of Turtle growing up, so we spiced it up a bit for his F3 name.  Again, great showing by the men across the Alpha this morning.  F3 is more than just a workout, and I’m incredibly thankful for the men of the Alpha that continually push me to be better in all areas of life.

Let’s keep sharing F3 with those in our circles that need it in their lives as well.  Go invite a friend to church for Easter!!

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