Simple and painful

AO: Bad Apple

When: 03/29/2021

QIC: Pass Interference

PAX (10): Chalupa, Goat, Brutus, Snax, Rusty, Gogo, Trickle, Sprocket, Ollie


For this Monday morning, I had a great beatdown planned, but due to technical difficulties, only a decent beatdown was delivered.

I had an epic song lined up with Burpees every time the words #redacted were heard.  I had a Tabata-style HIIT routine in the works.  Those will have to sit on the shelf until next time as I had to troubleshoot a mobile internet issue.


We ran to the parking lot across the street and did*

12 mountain climbers

10 SSH

10 Imperial walkers

And returned to our blocks.


*numbers may be inaccurate

The Thang:

While intended to be a Tabata workout, I quickly changed the routine to execute the following moves.

15, then 20, then 25 reps of:

Set 1:

  • Overhead Press
  • Goblet Squat
  • Kettlebell Swing

Set 2:

  • Curls
  • Lunges
  • Halos

Set 3:

  • Diamonds
  • Big Boys
  • Front raises (or Thrusters)

Between each set we made a run for the speed bump, and back.

After all 3 were done, we circled up for some Mary, culminating in Goat bringing more pain with slow Merkins.


Prayed for those in trying times, and grateful for the opportunity to self-improve.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always thankful for the chance to lead these men.

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