Moonlit Murder Bunny Madness

AO: Hall of Justice

When: 03/29/2021

QIC: Val

PAX (7): Rembrandt, Dollywood, Radar, YouTube, SeeYa, PuffDaddy, Val


YHC has been plagued with allergies this Spring. It is possible I only slept 2 good hours last night. When the alarm went off, YHC had the thought to fartsack, but that thought quickly faded as my mind turned to the visiting PAX bringing a FNG. Walking into the bathroom to throw on the gear laid out the night before, the moonlight shining through the large inoperable window was so bright I could have gotten ready without turning on a light.

Driving over, YHC could not understand the energy I had despite the amount of sleep. Regardless, it was invigorating to see 2 PAX waiting for the rest of us to arrive. Grabbing the shovelflag out of the trunk, a new face walked up and introduced himself as Rembrandt from F3Cherokee. This was the PAX who reached out last week to inform me he EH’d a guy nearby who was planning on coming. Sure enough, he was with another guy who introduced himself as “Kevin” (the FNG.) The 2 standing in the gloom with YHC helped me unload several coupons which we would soon use.

As 0528 approached, we began to wonder if we would have more coupons than PAX. Then Radar walked up out of his car, which is unusual because he is normally a solo pre-runner to which he explained a similar lack-of-sleep experience last night. Following Radar was YouTube and SeeYa. We would then depart from our starting point to warm up.


A short cusack mosey over to behind the stage is where we would begin. Starting with SSH, we dropped for some cadence merkins and then copperhead squats. When YHC called out Moroccan Night Clubs, Rembrandt informed the group he was unaware of this exercise.

It is always good to get out of our silos every once in a while. I did this when I was at The Bluffs. When I returned to Q, I had so many new things to share with the PAX.

We finished with some Chinooks as PuffDaddy welcomed us with his presence and took an extended cusack mosey to behind the bank in the parking lot where we would see some happy trails.

The Thang:

YHC informed the group that we would be performing a Murder Bunny Dora. Immediately, the faces of Rembrandt and PuffDaddy turned from relative enjoyment to a bit of disgust. YHC, never having done the Murder Bunny routine made popular by the Iron PAX challenge last summer, would soon understand their displeasure. Partnering up, YHC took the odd group with SeeYa and Radar.

The Dora would be as follows:

100 – Alternating Coupon Merkins
200 – Coupon Curls
300 – Coupon Squats

Partner one does exercise while partner 2 murder bunnies to the light pole (appx 75 yards) and cusacks back.

Radar agreed to start with the merkins while YHC and SeeYa started with the murder bunnies. Halfway down the first run, YHC hears a crumble noise as SeeYa lets out a disappointing sigh. Looking over, it is obvious the coupons YHC acquired were of little worth on pavement.

Continuing on the journey to the light pole, YHC began to wonder if I should have chosen this as the beatdown. “If you can’t do it, don’t Q it” rang in my head as I mustered the physical resources needed to complete the beatdown.

Looking over at FNG, I heard him ask “how do you guys do this?” To which YHC replied, “It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.”

Shortly after that, YHC heard another crumble. This time, Radar was the victim of a rubble coupon. At this point YHC was taking frequent breaks to catch my breath. On around the 4th trip to the light pole, YHC became the third beneficiary of the coupon crumble. Count it up, 1, 2, 3. All 3 members of our team had coupon failure. What are the odds? Pretty good considering they were all sourced at the same location from the same pile of coupons at Lowe’s. Lesson learned.

Finishing up, we cusacked (non-mosey version) back to the stage for some Mary.

6 MOM called by every PAX except FNG: Gas Pumpers, Box Cutters, LBCs, Heel Taps, Freddie Mercuries, and V Ups.


Praise report given for YHC’s M. Prayers were lifted up for YouTube’s supervisor’s spouse, all who are traveling, and all the HoJu PAX. Announcements were made for the F3Gwinnett Convergence on April 17th at Lawrenceville’s The Yard. YHC forgot the naming of the FNG, but was reminded by EVERYONE. The new name for FNG was deemed Dollywood for his southern roots (Austin, TX) and profession in the film industry.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC needed a reminder that was provided by FNG Dollywood. Even when things seem impossible and too hard to bear, we keep going because we have each other. This month is Mental Battle Month in F3. This means there is no oYo. We are in this fight together. Dollywood put in effort he didn’t realize he had in the tank. YHC believes that fortitude came as a result of working out with the other men that were there with him. We should remember that we have each other and should never bear any burden on our own. Shields Up.

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