Lucha Libre

AO: The Norseman

When: 03/25/2021

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (13): Hot Sauce, Shooter, Birdie, Pumba, Ha-ha, Callahan, TO, TMI, Walkie Talky, Huckleberry, Crikey, Jethro, Nacho Libre


This past weekend was the NCAA march MATness.  What many don’t know is that the best tournament in the spring is the NCAA Division 1 wrestling tournament.  So YHC decided to have a little wrestling warmup.  5 Pax for the Pre-run and 2 for the Ruck. Pumba was hesitant to join the prerun but no one was there to ruck.  Then his eyes lit up when Birdie strolled in Nacho Libre style.  He ran to his truck like Usain Bolt to grab his ruck.


We moseyed to turf field 1.  As I promised a wrestling style warmup we started with some karoke, then the pax lost it when YHC said 3 forward rolls.  Next up was the backward roll.  The pax mumbled is it even possible to do a backward roll? The we tried 3 cart wheels and the pax were lost.  So we circled up for some SSH’s, Hill Billies and some squats.  Finished with some right and left shuffles with a burpee mixed in.

The Thang:

We were off and headed down the new trail that runs on the west side of Lake Norseman.  That dumped us off to turf field number 2.  We did a set of deconstructive burpees around the field.

Next we moseyed to softball field number 22.  10 Squats at home, 10 merkins at the infield line, and 10 burpees at the foul pole.  Run to the opposite foul pole and 10 burpees, 10 merkins at the infield line, and 10 squats at the foul pole.

The pax then headed for the small track.  We started with 11 step ups on one side then 10 derkins on the opposite side.  9 step ups and 8 derkins and so forth.

When we finished we took the trail to the pavilion.  Some mumble chatter about how DR Rico would be amazed at all the back ways we were taking! We finished with some wall sits and a terrible story about Shooter.


Continued prayers for Zima and his M.  Cross Ruck Next Friday Downtown.  Put on by none other than Ha-ha himself.  (Or his Church).

Callahan let the TNT about using this time of year to invite people to church.  You never know the impact you might have.

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