Breaking things down at Jericho!

AO: Jericho

When: 03/26/2021

QIC: Swiper

PAX (10): Dumpster, White Claw, Whiz, Deuce, Clyde, Schneider, Snowman, Crab Cake, McDuff, Swiper


The Ides of March are upon us, which means a lot of monitoring the Weather Channel app to figure out what is going to go down.  Sometimes, you have to pull up and make the call, so YHC did just that.  Off we go…


Mosey around the parking lot and across the street to the strip mall parking lot for Mary, all IC:


Good Mornings

Willie Mays Haze


The Thang:

Since there was no rain and YHC had planned for a BD in the covered picnic area, we modified slightly and headed to the front parking lot by Hwy 9.  Todays BD was the old classic with a twist or two, the Deck of Death:

2 = 12

all other number cards = the number on the card

Jacks = 11

Queens = 12

Kings = 13

Aces = 15

(2) Jokers = 15 Yowza’s each

Spades:  Number Cards = Mercans; Face Cards = Burpees

Clubs:  Number Cards = Sumo Squats; Face Cards = Bonnie Blairs

Hearts:  Number Cards = LBCs; Face Cards = Big Boi Sit ups

Diamonds:  Number Cards = Flutter Kicks; Face Cards = Wolverines (although the Q neglected to properly explain the Wolverine, so we all owe 51 jumping overhead claps)

No matter how much you shuffle, this exercise always has it’s moments.  Today, it would have to go to the back to back Jokers for a total of 30 Yowza’s (burpee & bonnie blair combo) in sequence.  Even Batman might have retreated to the cave after these jokers, but the PAX made it through in solid form.

Little bit of time left so Indian Run to the rock pile for Colt 60’s:




Skull Crushers


  • Prayers for Clyde’s 2.0 who suffered a broken arm and will miss most if not all of baseball this spring
  • Prayers for Dumpsters family battling a stomach bug
  • Continued prayers for Hushpuppy’s family
  • Prayers for those in Newnan impacted by the Tornadoes on Thursday night

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Weather experts have shared that we can expect an elevated level of adverse weather conditions over the coming weeks.  One of our Core Principles is that workouts are held outdoors, rain or shine, and we stand behind that principle.  That being said, we can likely expect to be challenged in managing the desire to push and face any challenge head on with the common sense of knowing that running around soaking wet and fully exposed in the midst of a lightning storm is not an example of male community leadership.  If someone were to issue the challenge of “who’s afraid of some bitch ass lightning?  Let’s roll!,” my heart would want to jump out of my seat and take off, but I would hope that the voice of reason would come from someone in the crowd.  Let’s all try to be that voice when needed.  (BTW…Todays beat down could have taken place under the picnic shelter and for those who weren’t counting, we did 64 reps of each numbered exercise, 51 reps of each Face Card Exercise, 30 Yowza’s, and 60 reps of arm exercises.)  Aye!

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