The red car and aflac’s morning call

AO: The Wreck

When: 03/26/2021

QIC: Meltdown

PAX (10): Sellout, Squeegee, Swamp Donkey, Scratchoff, Switch, Norm, Aflac, Grease monkey, Bieber. (not sure we have enough F3 names that start with S)


Promising some team competition on slack, YHC was hesitant due to  some nasty storms rolling through the area overnight, but there was nary a lightning bolt in the ski at 5 am. Let’s get it on!



Moseyed over near the two fields, where a single car remained (appearing to be left from the day before). Right as the PAX circled up, the car IMMEDIATELY left for another lot. Whatever was happening was not for our eyes…

SSH x17 (moving car caused YHC to lose cadence and count briefly)

Toy Soldiers x12

Weedpicker x12

Slow squats x12

The Thang:

Started this lovely Friday with some team competition. Break off into teams of 3… wait, Swamp Donkey coming in hot! Break off into two teams of 5.  Did 1 minute or so timed for max reps on the following:

HR merkins


Big Boys

Team with most combined reps after each exercise went for a victory lap around the parking lot (there was some chatter on if running was the reward here). Other team would go balls to the wall.  Lesson learned: math is hard before 6 am.

Moseyed over to the playground for what should be called Aflac’s morning call. 1 PAX performs 5 pull-ups, while other PAX grab a park bench and perform 5 shrugs in unison. Contrary to popular belief, the fiberglass table is a heavy mother.

Next the PAX performed the following exercises:

20 incline merkins, 20 squats (w/ coupon), 5 sets of each

Run up to the street and back.

25 curls, 25 LBCs, 5 sets of each

Run up to the street and back.

(if you make it here, YHC did not) 30 American hammers, 30 deadlifts, 5 sets of each

Moseyed back to the starting parking lot for some Mary (freddie mercury’s, box cutters, scissors, easy jump ropes, finish off with 5 burpees). Time called.


Convergence May 8th. Probably not at the Wreck but another Roswell park (still TBD).

Reminder that GA opened up vaccine to all yesterday.

Happy Bday to Scratchoff’s 2.0, turning 1 yr old.

Prayers for those suffering and Goat’s coworker who lost her mother suddenly.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great way to kickoff the weekend with a BD in the gloom. Appreciate the opportunity to lead and appreciate this group for always challenging each other.

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