Beautiful Gloom

AO: The Wreck

When: 03/24/2021

QIC: Bear

PAX (15): Aflac, Grease Monkey, Switch, Mad Dog, Tubbs, One Call, Bieber, Donor, Norm, Vanilla, Foley, Doogie, Team Mom, Nickelback, Bear


Love starting my day in the gloom with a bunch of studs!


Warm up as we mosey / walked to first station. Toy Soldier, side straddle hops sideways (awkward), arm circles, high knees, butt kicks.

The Thang:

Grab coupon from playground dry river bed and move to base of the hill.

33 reps at bottom with rock.

Run to top.

As many as you want until you feel the core burn at the top.

Curls / LBCs

Bent over Rows / J Los

Shoulder Press / Dying Cockroach

Mosey to the playground and divide into 3 groups. First group doing 25 incline merkins, 2nd group doing dips, 3rd group doing pullups. Rotate when merkin group is finished. 4 rounds.

Mosey to top of stairs and to the parking lot on way back. Ring of Fire – 5 merkins while holding plank.

Mosey to flag for a couple of mary exercises and time called.



May 8th convergence.

Coffeeteeria was fantastic with the badapple dudes!

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