Tardy Static

AO: The Wreck

When: 03/22/2021

QIC: Devito

PAX (10): Switch, Raider, Tubbs, Doner, Sell-out, Bear, Norm, Foley, Juul, Devito


One of the downsides to infrequent visits to an AO is knowing your drive time. I left the house this AM with what I thought would be enough time. 3 red lights later (1 painfully long one), I was 2 wheelin’ into the lot just as the clock ticked over to 0530. Great start Q. The crew came running down the lot behind my truck … good thing I was ready to hop out and go.


We ran down the trail to the lake and circled in the parking lot there. IC SSH and mountain climbers. OYO arm circles and Covids.

The Thang:

We toured around the park making stops along the way for partner static work. Partner A holds the specified static hold while Partner B does the exercise. Flap jack. 3 rounds each.

10 burpees / air chair
20 crunchy frogs / balls to the wall
30 mercans / canoe hold
40 flutter kicks / wall sit
50 squats / plank

With the squats and plank complete, we had just enough time for one more exercise.  Everyone found a spot on the picnic benches and held the dip position.  One at a time, each guy ran up to the bars and completed 5 pull-ups.  In sync the pull-ups, the rest did 5 dips.  Then back to the flag just in time for 6:15.


Convergence is being planned for May 8 at the Wreck.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Enjoyed visiting this crew as always.  Thanks for letting me jump in the Q schedule.

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