Unbreakable Men, Very Breakable Coupons

AO: The Hooch

When: 03/22/2021

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (15): Scrooge, Ballboy, Birdie, Splinter, Flo, Sunshine, McCracken, Lotus, Ready-Mix, Meatball, WIngnut, Zohan, Puff Daddy, Sugar, 1 for pre-run (Ballboy)


As it was YHC’s first Q at The Hooch, needed to tailor today’s BD to explore the space, similar to the way BLue Oyster Cult’s cowbell player liked to use the studio to it’s fullest. We’re getting closer to full on spring, so it’s time to get to training – and what better way to inspire than an 80’s style training montage to drive the pax through the BD. After the normal disclaimer, particularly about no deep pockets, we set about getting to it


10 Weedpickers
10 Windmills
12 Hillbillies
15 SSH’s
15 Moroccan Night Clubs

Mosey (about a quarter mile)

The Thang:

1. 10 Burpee Buy-in

1a. Starting individually at one end of the parking lot, pax did 11’s with a .85 mile run to the other end and back. 11’s included:
a) Combo bent rows w/Good Mornings
b) Derkins

At completion, hold plank

2. Paired off. Pax 1 grabbed both coupons, farmer’s carry for 4 parking spaces, doing AMRAP squats while waiting for Pax 2 to bear crawl the distance. Switch at 4th parking spot. Pairs completed 3/4 of the length of the parking lot, then returned.

3. Unfortunately, we had at least 2 (possibly 3) coupon casualties, thus rendering my planned evolution useless. No matter – in true F3 fashion of adapting and overcoming, YHC shifted gears and enlisted the help of Birdie for his favorite BD excercise: The Jack Webb. 1 Merkin to every 4 air presses, done all the way through 10 Merkins/40 air squats.

4. 5 (not 6) minutes of Mary, including shoulder touches, BBS, dollies, flutter kicks, jump squats, and Lindsay Lohan’s


Announcements: Please remember the blood drive this week, as well as the Promise Race!

Prayers: Prayers offered up for friends and family of Birdie, Sugar, McCracken, as well as the victims of the recent violence in Atlanta

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Popper has said it best – Iron sharpens iron. Running with faster men makes you faster, working out with stronger men makes you stronger, leading better men makes you better. Today, we provided that while some of us may be a little grayer/stiffer/slower than we used to be, through the fellowship, faith, and fitness that we gain, we can build our bodies stronger and faster. Our coupons may break, but our bodies and spirits don’t. Thanks for the privilege and trust to lead the BD today, brothers!

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