Come As You Are, As You Were…

AO: Bad Apple

When: 03/19/2021

QIC: Zima

PAX (12): Sprocket, Ponyboy, Thud, Pass Interference, Rusty, Brutus, Snax, Chalupa, Goat, GoGo, Ollie, Zima


Today’s music brought to you by the 90’s rock grunge genre with a special addition for Rusty.


Weedpicker, Imperial Walker, Copperhead Squat followed by a SSH for apprx 3:35 to the Nirvana song “Come as you are” PAX did SSH during song and every time “Memoria” was sung they did a merkin.

The Thang:

After warmup it was time to mosey to parking lot by what has become known as “Zima Hill” for some fun with the F3 playing card deck.

4 Rounds of 5 exercises based on cards drawn.  ( we didn’t get through 4th round)

Rep count was double for non-face cards, 11,12,13 for J,Q,K.  2 Joker’s included which = PAX choosing their own exercise.

After each round of 5 exercises, PAX ran down to the bottom of the hill. Coming back up:

Round 1: backwards run

Round 2: regular run

Round 3: broad jump + lunge walk

Mosey back to flag for a few rounds of Mary before we made it to time.


Prayers to those who we know who have lost loved ones and are struggling with knowing not having answers as to why.

Badapple site Q changing of the guard next Monday.

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