Irish Car B.O.M.B.S.

AO: Big Creek

When: 03/17/2021

QIC: Whiz

PAX (14): Whiz, Clyde, Deuce, Kokomo, Crab Cake, Inseam, Swiper, Sculley, Spit Valve, Schneider, Ace Ventura, Dumpster, Snowman, Mr. Hand


YHC is solely focused on preparing to attack some hills this weekend for the TME Hillseeker event and was admittedly planning to skip the Big Creek BD and do a light run this morning….until Ace Ventura reminded me I had Q last night.  Appears my former self had other plans when I signed-up on the Q sheet several weeks ago.  Just the accountability I needed and there was no way I’d pass up a chance to Q at the Creek with the numbers we’ve been pulling lately.  Just needed to figure out if there was any historical significance to March 17th to see if there’s any insipiration there…hmm…


Queue the Irish playlist and mosey down to the bottom of Kill-a-man-jaro hill for the usual assortment of SSH, Hillbilly, and Sprinklers.  Formality complete and onto the Thang.

The Thang:

PAX were instructed to grab a Blarney Stone from the coupon pile and head to the upper parking lot for the Irish Car B.O.M.B.S. routine.

50 – Blarney Burpees on/with coupon

100 – O’ Danny Boy Outlaws

150 – Rainbow Ranger Merkins

200 – Bushmills Box-Cutters

250 – Soda Bread Star Jumps

Pub(bear) crawl 20 paces out, leprechaun(lunge) walk back to relieve partner

Several PAX finished early for some extra credit mary (flutters, freddie mercury).  Snowman elatedly shared that this was his first beatdown where he finished early and was able to do some extra credit…perfect opening to dial it up a bit with 10 OYO burpees for all PAX.  Sculley loved it so much we did 10 more while waiting for the 6 to finish.

Time was running low so we discarded our Blarney Stones and did an Irish Indian Run back to the flag.

The luck of the Irish was upon us as we returned 3 minutes early!  17 burpees OYO for all PAX to commemorate the occasion.  Unfortunately, we were still only at 6:14 so 3 more burpees were in order to get us to time.



F3 Freed to Bleed blood drive with Red Cross needs 23 more donors by next Friday!  Sign-up on the link provided by Sculley on Slack (or DM him for more info) to get registered to donate ASAP.

Deuce shared TNT about St. Patrick and Robin Roberts stories of perseverance and staying firm in your beliefs as well as a message about building your personal brand and choosing the attributes you want people to associate with you after you leave the room.

Come join YHC on Tower Rd. this Saturday for a trip or two up the hill!  Will be there all morning and possibly into the early afternoon.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Amazing to see the growth happening in AlphaNorth and especially at the OG AO Big Creek.  Highly encourage signing-up for Q’s well in advance anywhere as it provides excellent future accountability and could be just when you need it most.

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