K.I.S.S. Revival

AO: The Norseman

When: 03/16/2021

QIC: White Claw

PAX (20): Nacho Libre, Ha-ha, Dr. Rico, Striper, Jethro, Crikey, Birdie, Pumba, Shirley, Walkie Talkie, Clyde, Saint20, Hot Sauce, TMI, TO, Blistex, Callahan, Zohan, Shooter


5 for the Pre-run and 3 for the Pre-Ruck.  Surprisingly dry when rain was expected meant today was going to be a good day.


Moseyed over to the high school parking lot for a quick disclaimer and some WOR.  SSH, Weedpickers, Windmills, and Imperial Walkers.

The Thang:

After Shooter picked the lock, I mean had the combination to the field lock on the fence, we headed down to the track like we owned the place.  Norseman is get yuge numbers these days so YHC went right in the instruction to get some movement.  Not sure anyone heard anything except the mention of Iron PAX.  The groans were deafening which made YHC know we were on the right track, pun intended.  Brough back the K.I.S.S. workout from last Septmeber’s Iron PAX which is as follows:

100 Merkins, Run Lap

90 Squats, Run Lap

80 Merkins, Run Lap

70 Squats, Run Lap

60 Merkins, Run Lap

50 Squats, Run Lap

40 Merkins, Run Lap

30 Squats, Run Lap

20 Merkins, Run Lap

10 Squats, Run Lap

Totals = 300 Merkins, 250 Squats, 2.5 Miles

With time running out we headed back to flag.


Freed to Bleed – Friday, 3/26 @ Transwestern/Deerfield Commons Park (12600 Deerfield Pkwy off Windward Pkwy in Alpha)

Prayers for Zima’s wife and her upcoming surgery


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