Spring Forward to ‘Swoleville’!

AO: The Grindstone

When: 03/15/2021

QIC: Swiper

PAX (8): Inseam, Deuce, Hushpuppy, Snowman, Schneider, Whiz, Spit Valve, Swiper


When YHC connected the dots on having the first Q after DST, I started having flashbacks and fear of showing up to a bleak and barren AO started to creep over me.  I threw out a Sunday afternoon plea in hopes of rallying a fartsack resistance, but soon came to realize that these PAX run towards the pain, not away from it!  All of my worries were for naught, so let’s get after it!


Mosey around the parking lot heading west for warm-ups, all IC:


Cotton Mill

Imperial Walkers

Moroccan Night Clubs

The Thang:

Finish the loop and head to the football field for some “Spring Forwards!”

Starting at the goal line, broad jump out to the 10, 10 Mercans, Bernie Sanders back to the goal line.  Often times in life, when you spring forward, life pulls you back, so what do we do?  3 burpees and broad jump even farther on the next round!

Round 2 – broad jump to 20, 20 Star Jumps, Bernie back – do 3 burpees

Round 3 – 30 Squats, Bernie, burpees

Round 4- 40 flutter kicks (Alpha count), Bernie, burpees

Round 5 – 50 SSH then sprint to the other goal line and Bernie Back the entire length of the field

Rinse and Repeat with lunge walks out to the respective yard lines and moseying back to the goal line for…wait for it….escalating burpees.  3 after first exercise, then 6, 9, 12, and 15

Excellent effort by the PAX on an hour less sleep than usual!

Next, mosey over to the benches for some 12-10-8’s: dips, irkins, step ups

stop by the restroom building for:

balls to the wall – as long as you can- props to Whiz for holding out the longest

20 Donkey Kicks

25 Wall taps

back to the flag for some round robin Mary



– Inseam was our showcase PAX for the final few minutes of this BD.  First, during Mary, he called for burpees!  Who does that?  He later explained that it was to round out our burpees quantity to the standard of 66 – well done

– Next, he was so fast during the PAX after-picture, he was halfway to his car when the flash went off

– Retake, he showed all what the word ‘Swole’ really means.   Just look at the picture and it speaks for itself!

– On a serious note, we lift up Hushpuppy and the Huggins family for a cancer diagnosis that was just received in the home of his cousin.  Prayers for peace and comfort for all those impacted by this sad news.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

– it’s been great celebrating the return of Clyde and now also having Spit Valve back among the PAX over the last week!  Sending good thoughts out to others that we miss in Snake, Olaf, the Body, Benny, Bartman, and others that I’m sure I haven’t mentioned.  The door is always open and we welcome your return when the time is right!  Aye!

– Scully has opened up registration for another “Freed to Bleed” blood drive.  See channels for details

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