A promise of fun and pain fulfilled

AO: Hall of Justice

When: 03/15/2021

QIC: Zohan

PAX (16): Puff Daddy, Slump, See ya, Smoked, Simba, Radar, Long Haul, Crab Cake, Magnolia, Bulldog, Val, Gilligan, G-O, Dawn, Youtube, Zohan


I arrived a few minutes to the AO, just to take a look around. This is the 3rd time I’m posting at the Hall of Justice and I did not see even a half of it. Google Maps showed some potentially. Actually, a LOT of potential. 5 minutes of mosey showed me slopes, stairs, loops and more. I knew that the BD YHC planned for today wouldn’t allow us to travel far, but one can get inspiration for the next time.

Came back to the flag 2-3 min before 5:30am to see a few PAX lined up. Then more were coming. And more. Asking where Simba was (he HC), I was told it wasn’t 5:31am yet. Just as YHC was finishing the disclaimer, he showed at 5:31am. Off we went.


Moseyed a short distance around the lawn, with ass kickers and high knees. Circled up for Mountain Climbers, Windmills, Imperial Walkers and OYO Baby Arm Circles, FW and BW.

The Thang:

The following was first done at the Norseman and YHC was excited to try it again with a new group

Me Gusta Merkin

YHC struggled a bit with the Bluetooth that didn’t want to connect, but it worked out. Plank position. YHC put the song Me Gustas Tu. Every time they say Me Gusta, we do 1 Merkin. 54 Merkins in 2.5 minutes provide grunts a plenty. Last minute and a half of the song we low planked.


With shoulders aching we moseyed again around the lawn area and came back to pretty much the same place. YHC explained the next part – Suicides EMOM-ish. This was tried twice already in other AOs, so YHC changed a few things.

Every round the PAX will do Burpees, Big Boy Sit Ups, Squats, SSH and Merkins. 1st round 1 of each, 2nd round 2 of each, 3rd 3 and so forth. Undisclosed number of rounds. The length of the rounds goes up, though it might not be enough for some. If finished with the merkins before the round is over – Bunny Hops till the next round. Some PAX were sure that we’ll have 10 rounds, and indeed YHC named the 10th round in TABATA “Round Ten, Last Round, Just Kidding”. There were 12 rounds in total.

We had 10 more minutes to go, so did another short mosey and stopped near the flag. YHC called for 7s (11s little sibling) of Burpees and double count Dips on the benches.

Only a few PAX finished the 7s when YHC called it off about 1 minute to finish. We did 15 IC Flatter Kicks and done.


Prayers for Val’s wife, who’s recovering from a surgery.

Blood drive coming soon. Details on Slack.

Convergence at the Yard on 4/17.

Join the Q Source discussion. Vote if you prefer a different time.

Val closed us with a prayer.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Burpee Math – Main thang we did 78 Burpees and the 7s added 21, giving us 99 in total. YHC planned this in case the Hooch will win the bet (which YHC realized won’t happen with Hall of Justice literally doubling it’s current average) and the losing team will need to do 100 Burpees. This way Each PAX will only need to do 1 more.

Little did YHC know that some miles from here Wingnut will lead 120 Burpees on his VQ.

I think both teams won. Great way to push us all to accelerate.


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  1. “I think both teams won.” Best line of the BB. That Q was one of the best at HoJu so far. Come and Q anytime, Zohan.


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