Well That Didn’t Go as Planned

AO: The Wreck

When: 03/12/2021

QIC: Scratch-off

PAX (8): Miller Time, Squeegee, Aflac, Norm, Ibeam, Foley, Swamp Donkey, Scratch-off


Before we get started, here’s a confession. YHC thinks he’s hilarious. Why is this a topic of discussion? Well, on the way home from the Gladiator BD yesterday, the Q saw some knuckleheads running Branch Valley (though, not sure running DOWN Branch Valley really counts as running Branch Valley). So, with motivation in hand, the Q thought it’d be funny to run some hills in case we had any of said knuckleheads show up this morning.

Probably should have written this out beforehand…because *spoiler alert*, it wasn’t as funny in practice as it was in YHC’s head. Oh well, I’m sure even Seinfeld bombs sometimes.


First, run up the tennis court hill to the Gym parking lot (hill #1 scratched off the list…heheh).

Warmup was:

  • SSH
  • Copper Head Squats
  • Moroccan Night Clubs
  • 5 Burpees
  • Hill Billies
  • Probably some other things that I can’t remember 2 hours later.

The Thang:

Then, we moseyed over to hill #2: the road up to the pool/gym for our first round of 21s with Squat Jumps and Bonnie Blairs. YHC will be submitting the “Phil Mickelson” to the Exicon today because after 63 squat jumps, mixing in a hill and bonnie blairs, everyone jumps like Phil after his first Masters win. Anyway, we moved by 3s on those 21s, so the first round was 18 reps up top, 3 at the bottom, second round 15 up top, 6 at the bottom, etc.

This was the first sign of mumble chatter from the PAX and the first indication that I’m not actually as funny as I think I am. Whoa, first-person pronouns. Is that allowed?

Next up, we moseyed  to the other side of the pool to the top of the hill on the flag pole side of the lake for a fun little rinse and repeat. That’s right, hill #3. At this point, the Q was facing some real insecurity and was grateful that this BD was not taking place on stage at the Apollo. But, the PAX bowed up and we did 21s (with the same pattern of 3s), this time with Merkins and Stone Mountains.

Unfortunately, the PAX didn’t get to experience hill 4 (the other side of hill 3), hill 5 (the stadium), and hill 6 (the grassy knoll over the baseball field). A pivot was necessary due to time constraints, so we pivoted to Morning Call at the playground. Speaking of the playground…we heard someone on the swing? Like an adult? At 6 in the morning? Man, this pandemic has done a number on people.

Then with 6 minutes left, we moseyed to the flag for extended Mary.


  • Share the love, invite your friends and neighbors. They need this.
  • Running in the afternoon downtown with the homeless

Naked-Man Moleskin:

All joking aside, I had a freaking blast this morning. Thanks for letting me lead; have a great weekend!

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