Super Mar10 beatdown

AO: Bad Apple

When: 03/10/2021

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (11): Chalupa, Snacks, Rusty, Zima, Goat, Gogo, Sprocket, Brutus, Pass Interference, Ollie


I was hit up by both Rusty and Sprocket this year asking for me to come grab a Q. I was thrilled to show up again for this group. I grabbed one of the next available dates that happened to be March 10th. The significance did not occur to me until I started planning this week.

I made sure to keep everyone up to date as my plan evolved into a workout through several iterations.

Sprocket even jumped at the chance to have a playlist for us since I had no time to get mine together. In the future you should either have a silent workout or spend the time on your own….


A jog up to Peach and Porkchop for SSH, WP, and IW

The Thang:

We move down to the pizza restaurant, certainly a favorite of our italian hero who became the focus today. I am assured that traffic is light here in the morning.

That’s right…It’s MAR10 day. Something I alone probably care about but I will share this love as he approaches the 40th anniversary. (What happened to Joshua Tree?)

The bd is an escalator (or stairs to the flag, if you prefer) with some rethemed exercises.
Start with Star Jumps then run down to Peach and Porkchop to honor Princess Peach with 3 burpees. Return and add 10 Diamond Merkins, run, etc etc down the line.

Here we go

We find pretty quickly that:

  1. Today, everyone decides to drive thru the lot. So we move back to the gazebo to avoid the cars and trucks.
  2. There are very strong opinions about music at Bad Apple. I don’t think any genre was missed.

The group is flying through so we add 45 dips and 50 Luigi Lunges although most don’t get to the lunges before we head back to the flag for Mary.


Prayers for Chalupa and family after the loss of his father.

Prayers for Zima and family for upcoming surgery.

Solid idea for some upcoming extra credit workouts to honor your own hero in your life.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead

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