Infinity Gauntlet

AO: The Gladiator

When: 03/09/2021

QIC: Dreamer

PAX (14): Scrum, Speedo, Animal, Bunyan, Brownie, Laces, Tebow, Stroller, Cheneral, Zohan, Tarheel, Boknows, Shiner, DREAMER


“In all my years of conquest, violence, slaughter, it was never personal. But I’ll tell you now, what I’m about to do to your stubborn, annoying little planet… I’m gonna enjoy it. Very, very much.” – Thanos, The Mad Titan

Today was my VQ / BDQ and I thought what better than to dust off the ol’ Infinity Gauntlet and channel my inner Thanos. 6 Stones; 6 rounds. To my surprise, I don’t think anyone knew what the Infinity Stones were but this wasn’t my first time being the only nerd in the bunch. For the cool kids at home:

  1. Space
  2. Mind
  3. Reality
  4. Power
  5. Time
  6. Soul

“Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe. But this… does put a smile on my face.” – Thanos, The Mad Titan


Quick mosey around the lot, grab a cinder, mosey to the center of the field. Warm Up:

  • 10 – SSH (Side Straddle Hops)
  • 10 – Weed Pickers
  • 10 – Cobra Squats
  • Shoulder Blast Special (each on a 10 count)
    • Baby arm circles forward
    • Baby arm circles reverse
    • Large arm circles forward
    • Large arm circles
    • Seal Claps
    • Raise the Roof

The Thang:

    • Mosey to the baseline, grab a partner.
    • Rd 1: 1 person runs half a lap, the other bear crawls to the 18 and back. Once completed, switch
    • Rd 2: 1 person runs half a lap, the other lung jumps to the 18 and back. Once completed, switch
    • Rd 3: 1 person runs to the top of the hill / parking lot, the other bear crawls again to the 18 and back. Once completed, switch.
    • Air Chair for the 6
    • While everyone gathered at the baseline, we played a variation of “Simon Says”. If you fail to follow directions, burpees are the cost.
    • We played for around 5 mins, with 1/3 of the PAX doing burpees.
    • Mosey to the wall, get a partner.
    • Balls to the Wall (30 sec) while your partner does LCBs or 6inches. At 30 secs, switch.
    • The PAX worked for approx. 5 min before a double time mosey back to the center of the field.
    • In the center of the field, time to play with our cinders!
    • With your cinder, for my 30th birthday, we did some dirty thirty’s
      • 30 – Curls
      • 30 – Presses
      • 30 – KB Swings
      • 30 – Squats
      • 30 – Man Makers
    • I was generous and gave 30 secs of rest with a quick half lap run
    • Simple yet effective.
    • Plank for 3 mins. If you drop, take a lap around the group.
    • The last min was low plank only.
    • Back to the baseline – get a partner.
    • Soul Searchers (sprints)
      • Run to the 18 and back then switch with your partner.
      • Rest on the baseline.
      • The PAX did from the 18, back, half field, back, far 18, back, and full field back to the baseline.

Return your cinders and back to the flag. Not much time left.


Prayer Requests:

  • Shiner – Traveling mercies / protection during spring break.
  • Zohan – keep Spandex in our prayers for healing
  • Speedo – speedy recovery and healing for WikaWika’s surgery.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was such an honor to lead this morning. I hoped it was a little bit hard and a little bit fun. I’m always impressed with the PAX as they maintain such intensity and a jovial spirit. I can think of no better way to celebrate life than 5:30am beat downs.

To quote Cap – “I can do this all day.”



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