Another beating in the park

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 03/06/2021

QIC: Pumba

PAX (17): TMI, Hotsauce, Boomer, Nacho Libre, Ha-ha, Delta, Zool, NRA, Funyon, Youtube, Cox, Shreck, Skippy, Catfish, Meatball, Birdie, Pumba


In appreciation of the warmer/dryer weather we went out looking for some trail. Couldn’t resist ending with a Ha-Ha tornado even though the legs protested.


Mosey to upper parking area. Circled up and did some SSH, Weed Pickers and Hill Billies.

The Thang:

  1. 5s (like Elevens) with merkins on both sides. Included a longish uphill trail run. First 3 at both ends did 10 burpees.
  2. Mosey including few speed bumps with :
    • 5 x squats
    • 5 x mountain climbers
    • 5 x merkins
    • repeat
  3. Dora with:
    • 100 x Carolina dry docks
    • 200 x alternating shoulder taps
    • 300 x lbc
  4. Ha-ha’s tornado. Sprints 1/2 way across field . Each sprint followed by 10 reps of some exercise. The catch, if not at least 3 PAX beats YMC in sprint the reps becomes 4X10. What YHC lack in speed he made up in sneakiness and managed to win one sprint. YHC would like a write letter of complaint due to some interference, just not sure whom to address it too.


Ha-ha looking for 1 x PAX to join 12 man team onĀ Palmetto 200 (March 19-20).

Tuesday and Thursday morning a great time to post at The Norsemen. Best AO this side of the Mississippi.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This was YHC’s first Q at The Widowmaker. YMC honored by opportunity to lead some remarkable PAX. If YMC can do it, anyone can do it.

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