Variety Pack

AO: The Rubicon

When: 03/04/2021

QIC: Pass Interference

PAX (20): False Start, Dosido, Lumbergh, Miller Time, Nomad, Cookie, Sleepless, Fanny Pack, Special K, Woody, Trebek, Danica, Isner, Hasselhoff, Pitsop, Updyke, Lil Hurt, Lefty, Stiffler, Pass Interference


Today was the first Q i felt confident to coordinate a few routines without having the exercises written on a board.  Still struggling with calling things out while short of breath but will conquer that beast also..

YHC forgot the disclaimer but brought a variety pack of work for the PAX, heavily inspired by a recent Gladiator backblast.


We did a lap around the parking lot including sideways and backwards running and then circled up for some

  • SSH
  • Weed pickers
  • Hillbillys

Then we moved on to the FoD…

The Thang:

At the FoD, we set out to do three sets of BLIMPS, one at the right field foul pole, one at the left field foul pole, and one at home plate; holding an air chair for the 6 at each.

Then, we circled up for the Doomsday Clock.

A Doomsday Clock starts by circling up and having all PAX drop to a plank position. Everyone holds a plank as the group makes it’s way around the circle, with each PAX doing a merkin when it’s their turn, and continuing to count up. The goal is to keep your knees off the ground as long as possible. Once your knees touch, you are “out”.. and starting some Mary until there is only 1 man left planking. On this day, 3 PAX made it to the 300 range, with Miller Time being the last man planking.  (was running a lap after Mary when the end arrived so missed the wrap up)

Next, we lined up along the first and third base line and added some drama, suspense and danger by having a PAX on the third base line call out a number, followed by the corresponding PAX on the first base line calling out an exercise.  This all went great until the number “30” was paired up with “burpees”.

We continued until heading back to the flag just in time.


Prayers for families of Zima and Chalupa from Badapple, Updyke’s daughter’s basketball teammate, as well as for each of the men who came out to get stronger today.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Still have some work to do on my Q-ing but it didn’t kill me.. thus it made me stronger.

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