AO: The Gladiator

When: 03/04/2021

QIC: Manchester

PAX (15): 15 Great men with Jelly Legs


Blackbox bailing on his 45th birthday meant Tebow was scrambling for a last-minute Q. Manchester was looking for a reason to workout on a Thursday morning and the knowledge that people would be ready to play with little balls so early in the morning got me to commit to step in for Blackbox.


Tebow just happened to be so concerned about me also no-showing (no clue why), that he forgot the flags!!


Quick mosey to the shelter, 8 count step-ups followed by 30 dips for the only upper body action of the morning.

The Thang:

Mosey to the Hill to pick up our favorite coupons and lunge up the hill with them. Then, lunge sideways up the hill. Then, lunge backwards up the hill. Followed by a quick mosey to the pitch.

We got our Yoga mats out and stretched a little, played with some little balls, Zohan was a little over-excited about this part of the BD so we moseyed back to the hill to rinse and repeat.

Quick mosey back to the flag and a 3 count of Freddy Mercury’s and that was all she wrote.


Quick praise that DC2’s Julie is out of hospital and doing much better.

Remember, he’s still in shape so EH him to a BD.

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