Murder Bunny Relay!

AO: The Wreck

When: 03/03/2021

QIC: Sellout

PAX (13): Juul, Vanilla, Tuubs, One Call, Donor, Backside, Norm, Meltdown, Doogie, Bear, MillerTime, Aflac,


Timing was a bit better with the weather this morning than last Monday. Rain wind and storms cleared before 5 am so no doubt about PAX directions. Frogs were croaking and the clouds were breaking up and you could just FEEL a good day coming!


With one minute to launch the preamble tunes started with ELO’s version of Fanfare for the Common Man.  Nice way to flex and stretch. The mosey began over to the parking lot by the football fields. Thanks to AFlac’s shoulder for carrying the extra cinder!

The no responsibilities ramble and then Side straddle hops, mountain climbers, hillbillies, Abe Vigodas and weed pickers bot the tendons ready to pop.

Grab a coupon from yon swampy wasteland and mosey to field.

The Thang:

QIC had story board, tunes (got disconnected) cones, hurdles and cinders in place for the first ever Murder Bunny Relay!  PAX divided into two teams. While a PAX for each side ran the obstacle Murder Bunny course the rest of his team performed these mighty fine muscle swollers.

Shrimp squats, dive bombers, curls, box cutters, skull crushers, bent over rows, jump squats.

The relay obstacle course consisted of a 10 yard murder bunny. to a set of low hurdles in which the PAX performed a flop and hop. LIke a burpee but when you jump up, you jump up over the hurdle.  Once, through the hurdles you run the square of 40 yard cones, forward, sideways, backwards and then up to the middle of the box to find “the stick”. About the length of of baseball bat.  Hold the stick on the ground, put your forehead on the stick and spin around three (3) times.  Now run back to the cinder and carry it back to the next PAX in the relay.

Bonus was watching fellow PAX try to run in the dark, while dizzy.  No need to thank QIC for learning how to walk a straight line after an evening of beverages!

Back to the flag right on time!


Awesome COT with prayers going out to Zima and family and Aflac to his dad.  MillerTime’s group of runner’s for downtown men needs more volunteers but sounds ike its off to a great start.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Awesome follow up post in slack from Bear.

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