Sarcasm leads to more Fun

AO: Firehouse

When: 03/02/2021

QIC: Script kiddie

PAX (12): JavaDog, Script kiddie, Ace Ventura, Asphalt, Dunshire, Schneider, Dash, Suarez, Buckeye, Lifelock, Lightweight, Brady


JavaDog was first on the scene with Script kiddie arriving next and planting the shovel flag to make it official that it was almost BeatDown time then all the other HIM started rolling in happy to see that the rain had moved on and it would be a dry beatdown, there was a bit of chatter then as the last few PAX rolled in, it was time to mosey to the spot to start the fun.


Started the Mosey to the spot and once all the PAX circled up we did the F3 disclaimer and started the warm up
Weed picker

It was then time to mosey to start the fun, script kiddie was not clear on where the PAX were headed, so that flipped the sarcasm switch on some of the PAX, which helped script kiddie solidify how much he wanted to push everyone and add a bit more, insert evil laugh here.

The Thang:

Once everyone got to the starting point the plan was laid out

The first light post we started out at we did 1 Merkin, 1 Big Boy Setup, 1 Squat
Ran to the next light post
2 Merkins, 2 Big Boy Setups, 2 Squats
Ran to the next light post
3 Merkins, 3 Big Boy Setups, 3 Squats
Ran to the next light post
4 Merkins, 4 Big Boy Setups, 4 Squats
And keep going until after we got to 7 each
Took a break and did 10 merkin jacks at the next light post
On to 8-14 Merkins, Big Boys, and Squats
After 14 we did 10 Sumo squats with a high knee on both legs
On to 15-21 Merkins, Big Boys, and Squats
After we ran back to the starting point  and it was time to jump up and down to celebrate and by that I mean
10 Burpees
After that, for good measure we let Asphalt make the last call for 10 more squats
The total worked out to be
231 Merkins, 231 Big Boy Setups, 231 Squats
10 Merkin Jacks
10 Sumo squats with high knees
10 Burpees
10 more squats for good measure (Total squats were 241)

Then time for a bit of Mary
Dunshire called out a round of American hammers
Ace added in a round of mountain climbers
Light weight added leg raises to end the fun.

Script kiddie was proud of the HIM and realized that the # of Merkin Jacks, Sumo Squats, and burpees were brought to the PAX by sarcasm, but they all completed it and we started out and ended together.

Great job by all!!


After the count and name-o-rama, we added two things that were mentioned by Dunshire and Ace

Dunshire mentioned we should add in the sixth man idea- During the name-o-rama the 6th man would tell a bit more about themselves, this morning it was JavaDog, he mentioned he and his wife were expecting their first child, in August, it’s a boy, and asked for pray for his wife, the baby, and that they get everything done before their 2.0 arrives

Ace mentioned that we should add in a weekly challenge and volen-told Suarez to lead the way.  Suarez spoke of the importance of family and friends and how with all the business we can loose site of the importance of family & friends then challenged us to reach out to 3 people we value but have not heard from recently to reconnect with them РGreat Challenge!!

After that it was time to close out in prayer
Prayer requests
For JavaDog, his wife, the baby and every thing goes will with the pregnancy
Ace asked for prayer dealing with the continued vaccine roll out.

Then time for the Pic and starting the day.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Asphalt brought some protein shakes to share with all the PAX, and help use recharge after a good work out, thank you sir!!
Dash the Barista of Firehouse once again supplied us with coffee and we hung out a bit to chat, thank you!!
After that Lightweight and Schneider took off for their 3 mile run with Script kiddie and Ace Ventura run/walking behind them, enjoying the conversation as much as the exercising, after that we all meet back up at the flag pole, chatted for a few then headed out to start the day.

I am so blessed/thankful to be part of F3 each week these men push me and challenge me to be better not just physically but mentally and become the best father/husband/leader/man I can be, and love how we encourage/push each other, on all levels.

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