Strike the Storm like Snowman

AO: The Grindstone

When: 03/01/2021

QIC: Crab Cake

PAX (4): Swiper, Snowman, Clyde, Crab Cake



5:27 – 4 PAX gathered mumble chattering and smiling in the warm 66 degree calm weather

5:28 – YHC mentally rehearsing the Tennis Court BD planned last night when he picked up the keys like a hot potato from Inseam.  Winds start picking up, ain’t nothin

5:29 – Light drizzle, stronger winds, some PAX grab extra armor from their car

5:29:30 – MONSOON SLAPS US IN THE FACE.  Radio-static-y chatter about some pavilion in some area of somewhere.  Comms are disrupted by the high winds

5:29:45 – PAX jump in cars, relocate to baseball fields

5:29:59 – Cats and Dogs, 50MPH winds.  PAX dry and warm in respective cars.  All of YHC’s plans are out the window.  Do we risk the eternal shame of starting late and wait for it to pass or… GO???

5:30 – Snowman emerges from his car and charges right into the storm.  PAX follow.


SSH, Weed Pickers, Good Mornings IC

Re-orient picnic tables in pairs

The Thang:

Under the cover of the baseball pavilion, YHC starts the ‘Under 3 min’ playlist.

One team performs the exercise while the other team runs through the baseball area pathway.  Upon return, teams swap activities.  Upon song change, we all progress to the next exercise.

  1. Dips
  2. Box Jumps / Step – Ups
  3. Decline Merkins
  4. Bench Pull-Ups
  5. LBCs with feet raised on benches

10 songs => run the entire circuit twice

Running team mixed in Normal Runs, Side Shuffles, and Sprints.

After the final song, all 4 PAX gathered under a picnic table for some Bench Pull-Ups on the Q’s count.  15 were performed at varying speeds.

Finally a round of Mary’s.  Each PAX took a turn leading.

  • American Hammers
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Side Plank Dips
  • Freddie Mercurys




  • Prayers for PAX participating in the Star Course this weekend – protection on their bodies and building of strong memories and bonds.
  • Prayers for those affected by COVID or quarantine (especially the youth like Snowman’s daughter)
  • Swiper promoted the Q Source after attending session 2 last night (topic: The Queen – importance of what we feed our bodies)
    • Q Source will occur every Sunday evening at 7pm for our region.  See slack 3rdf or general for upcoming details.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

After a year of COVID, one should probably be used to Changes, Unmet Expectation, and Re-orientation of what’s normal… not so with YHC this AM.  Plans were crafted..and it was friggin perfect weather for the BD.

At 5:29:59 all four cars were parked next to each other, eyes shifting right to left wondering if someone would make a move or if we would collectively stay warm in our mobile temporary fart sacks.  But we didn’t come to sit down and observe…we didn’t come to be sheltered…we didn’t come to wait for circumstances to pass.  We came to impact the world starting with our bodies first, we came to conquer obstacles, we came to accelerate.  Snowman embodied this as he bursted from his car and dashed to the pavilion while leading the PAX to step in only the deepest of puddles along the way.  He seriously did not miss a single puddle.

We already faced and conquered one storm this week.  We’ll likely face more metaphorical storms soon.  Accelerate.  Meet them head-on.  Be like Snowman!

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