Monsoon Audible

AO: The Hooch

When: 03/01/2021

QIC: Homer

PAX (13): Dinghy, Ball Boy, Koncak, Birdie, Maguire, Feathers, McAfee (downrange from Louisville) ReadyMix, Sunshine, Popper, Boomer, Meatball, Homer


Arriving at the Hooch for the pre-run, I decided to plant the Bridge Flag just in case the Hooch flag failed to appear. I had already tweeted with a downrange PAX the whereabouts of the flag, and didn’t want him to show up and not be sure where we were. The wind was already stronger than normal, but I planted firm in the ground and figured it would hold. We’ll come back to this point in a few.

During the pre-run, I had cut off from the main pack (Ballboy and Popper are too fast for this Homer) because I had wanted to check out a couple locations for ground condition. We’ve gotten a lot of rain lately, and even with several days of no rain, the ground was still pretty saturated, but I determined the locations for a few items during the main course.

Running up 141 toward State Bridge is when I got the alert on my phone and started seeing notifications on slack from the AOs of the west. Rain, wind and thunderstorms were coming. PAX of the Wreck were already chiming in that a monsoon had opened up.

Birdie greeted me at the flag and I told him I was a little nervous about straying too far from the flag and the ‘protection of the parking lot.’ He offered a deck of death as I started to rework my own plan.

The PAX started rolling in. Looked like it was going to be a good crew. Met McAfee (downrange from Louisville) and at 5:30, still no rain (though the wind had definitely picked up.)


Disclaimer. Let’s Mosey. We started the standard loop of the parking lot and about halfway down aisle 1 with just a very little bit of ominous mist, I called the audible and took a sharp left turn back toward the flag. Circle up. SSH and it was about that time that the flag took a dive. McAfee recovered it and replanted it. I grabbed it and threw it in the Homer van and the PAX headed off to the single drive under covering of the parking lot.


The Thang:

As the wind picked up even more and sheets of rain started rolling in, I pulled a card out of the deck of death. Bear Crawls. Well… bear crawls were on the original plan for the morning, but that wasn’t happening under the cover. Next card, King/Mountain Climbers. Good enough. We proceeded to do 21 Mountain climbers in cadence. Next card pulled was Bonnie Blairs. We did a few of those (not sure of the count) and it was at this point that I decided the cards weren’t in the cards… The rain had started to back off a bit, so I went back to my original plan which was partner up for 5 laps and core exercises.

One partner run a lap around the buildings and back while other partner chooses the core exercise. V-ups, Flutter Kicks, LBCs, American Hammers, BBSU, Freddy Mercury… just choose your own adventure and make sure you get 5 laps in.

Once we all finished it was definitely clearer than it was, so we moseyed back behind the korean BBQ joint for some more fun.

Item number 2 that I had planned over on the Perimeter Church campus was some parking lot broad jumps/Bear Crawls. Broad jump width of a space, Bear Crawl back. Broad jump 2 spaces, bear crawl back. The plan was for an area that had a width of 8 spaces, but we ended here after 6.

Next up we shifted siders of the parking lot and started on the curb side with 11s. LBCs on one end and merkins on the 141 end of lot. Just run in between. Balls to the Wall was called for those who finished early.

Still a good bit of time left. Mosey back to the front side of the buildings and we did a round of merkins using the curb for variation. 2 hands on curb for 10, rotate 90 degrees, 10 merkins of 1 hand 1 leg on curb, rotate 90 degrees with both feet on curb x 10, rotate another 90 and get that other arm and leg up for 10.

Suicides were next for the parking lot. A total of three aisles and then head back to the cars and circle up (or just try to find the driest spot) for some Mary.

We ended with Dying Cockroach, Pickle Pointer (thank you, Dinghy) Box cutter, Kevin Willis (introduced by Koncak) Mindcontrol Merkins, Protractor, Big Boy Sit Ups, Pickle Pounder (thank you, McAfee) and ended it where we started with some SSH.


Prayers for Sugar’s Father in Law. Praises for the jobs for McAfee and his M.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was good to be back at the Hooch this morning. Glad that we didn’t throw in the towel and assume the worst about an oncoming storm. It was temporary and quick.

The rest of the day will likely be beautiful and it can be appreciated even more because we played out in the rain this morning and enjoyed the fellowship while accelerating ourselves.

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