When in doubt do Bonnie Blairs

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 02/27/2021

QIC: Zohan

PAX (21): Miller Time, Mayhem, Delta, Pass Interference, Pumba, Ha-Ha, Speedo, Youtube, Dosido, Cox, NRA, Funyon, Shwartz, Sea Monkey, First Rule [FNG], Feathers, Skippe, Cookie, TMI, Ballboy, Zohan


I was excited to bring with me Sean Monkey, one of my 2.0s. Weather forecast was in the 50s, though actually a bit lower. But who cares? Finally no rain and not freezing. I’ll take it. Skipped the pre ruck and came straight for the beatdown.


Mosey in the parking lot, including running backwards/nur/Bernie Sanders. Some early morning discussions on exercises that have multiple names, especially across regions.

Circled up in the soccer field for SSH, Weed Pickers, Hill Billies, No Surrenders, Baby Arm Circles and Chinooks.


The Thang:

The Countdown

Started at the middle of the soccer field. At one corner of the field we’ll be doing Merkins. At the other corner (across the short end) we’ll be doing LBCs and in the middle of the field Squats. Starting with 30 Merkins, 29 LBCs, 28 Squats, 27 Merkins, 26 LBCs… 1 Squat. Generally running from point to point, but to challenge the gazelles YHC introduced a twist – first PAX to reach a point will Bear Crawl to the next. This will allow someone else to bypass them and then Bear Crawl.

Plan worked well to keep the PAX mostly together. Some PAX were observed to Bear Crawl more than once. Others preferred to slow down a bit to avoid the Bear Crawl. YHC Bear Crawled once (it sucked) and was able to catch up to the gazelles literally on the last run for the 1 Squat.


Active Rest. Sort of.

After an ill managed ten count with random numbers called out YHC led the PAX a short distance out of the soccer field and up the stairs to the restroom building and called to gather in groups of 3. That worked well for the 21 PAX.

One PAX does 12 Burpees, another Balls to the Wall and third hold 6″. When the first PAX is done switch and then switch again. When we finished YHC called for Rinse and Repeat. Miller Time caught on to YHC’s scheme and announced a 3rd round, which was also the last.


Wait, what was I supposed to do now?

Alright. So the plan was to run elsewhere for something (YHC will be saving that for another BD) and if there would be time, go back to the pavilion for a Dora. Realizing that we won’t have time for that, YHC led the PAX straight for the pavilion for a Dora but then realized he forgot two thirds of the planned exercises.

What we were supposed to do is – 100 Inverted Dips (legs on the bench, hands on the floor. Speedo named them Incline Pickle Pointers), 200 Shoulder Taps and 300 Flatter Kicks.

Since YHC only remembered the first one, we did – 100 Inverted Dips, 200 single count Step Ups and 300 single count Bonnie Blairs. I’m pretty sure NO ONE liked to hear Bonnie Blairs in close proximity to a 3 digit number, YHC included.

Most did not complete the Bonnie Blairs when YHC called to stop and mosey back to the flag for some Mary.

Mary included Flatter Kicks, T-Bombs, Makhtars and LBCs.


Praises to those who plan to run the half marathon tomorrow. And apologies for the leg exercises today.

Next week Pumba has the Q. YHC and a few others will be doing the Star Course, 13 or 26 milers.

In two weeks NRA has a VQ!!!

Prayers for YHC’s father, who spent the night at the hospital due to headaches and high blood pressure.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Today there’s a  Jewish holiday called Purim. Without getting into its history, it’s usually celebrated by wearing costumes and masks and partying a lot, much like Halloween though without the spooky aspect. We usually wear metaphorical masks throughout our lives, trying to project a certain image. We might have different masks for home, work and friends. I think a strength of F3 is that it allows and encourages one to remove his mask, be vulnerable and accept the offered help. At first maybe only during the workouts but with the higher purpose of becoming a better man and having higher confidence, so that you don’t feel the need for masks at all, except for the fun of it.

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