More Playground Games!

AO: Firehouse

When: 02/25/2021

QIC: Buckeye

PAX (10): Buckeye, Suarez, Script Kiddie, Ace Ventura, Java Dog, Schneider, Dunshire, Asphalt, Lightweight, Lifelock


When the clock struck 5:30, it was mosey time. We moseyed over to the warm up spot and go started with SSH, Weed Pickers, Sun Gods, Michael Phelps to get ready for work on the playground.

The Thang:

Mosey over to the playground for some of the PAX, sprint for others (Lightweight, Script Kiddie).

Our familiar friends were there again, and the PAX were excited to see the 30, 40, and 50 lb weight bags ready to go!

We had 9 PAX available to work, so 9 stations were set up for a 40 second effort followed by 20 second rest between. Stations were as follows:

  • Pull ups on the monkey bars (always a crowd favorite)
  • Step ups with a 40 lb weight bag
  • Side bends with a 27 lb weight stick
  • Shoulder press with a 30 lb weight bag
  • Swing crunches (put hands on the ground, feet on the swing and pull the knees into the chest)
  • Curls with 50 lb weight sack
  • Bent over rows with 50 lb weight sack
  • Burpees (almost forgot to include this station when we started)
  • Bench dips

Round 1 through all the stations was followed by a short mosey around the parking lot. Rinse and repeat for round 2 and 3. Each PAX made it through the stations 3x!

The reader will notice that there were no Merkins in this effort. Buckeye informed the group at the beginning of the Q that today’s playlist of classic rock music had one song named “Thunderstruck”. If this gem came on in the shuffled playlist, the PAX would pause the workout wherever they were and hold a plank throughout the song, and do a merkin for each time “thunder” is heard. Otherwise, there would be no merkins for this Q. Anxiety was high each time a new song came on, but all the way through the Mary, the song didn’t come on. Maybe we can be luckier next time!

After everyone had enough fun on the playground we headed back to the flag for a round of Mary. Just enough time for Freddie Mercuries and American Hammers before it was the end.


No new PAX today, but Java Dog and Dunshire showed up for the second time. Prayers were of thanks for Schneider’s work, and requests for Ace Ventura’s father in law’s recovery after surgery, and Dunshire’s move transition.

All PAX were anxious to know what particular holiday it was today (OK, no one cared), and Buckeye informed that the theme of the workout was based on the February 25th holiday of “National Let’s All Eat Right Day”. So Buckeye brought out the oranges or “cuties” for everyone to snack on and start the day off right! Maybe a little disappointing, but still got a laugh.


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