AO: Big Creek

When: 02/24/2021

QIC: @F3Inseam

PAX (12): Kokomo, Ace Ventura, Schneider, Swiper, McDuff, Whiz, Deuce, Crab Cake, Mr Hand, Snowman, Clyde, Inseam


YHC gave the following pre-blast on slack the night prior – “YHC stole the Q and saved us from another Swiper BD. We will be covering plenty, but no need to cover up with your winter layers. Looks like we have a perfect 41 degree morning aheadJoin me for a low mosey high fantasticcery BD. TNT and parking lot coffeeteria afterwards.”

Some general ball busting and various levels of excitement and smack talk ensued.


Exit truck. Pullout the Big A speaker (approximately 15 pounds…costco special…PAX immediately know we mean business this morning). 2 min early YHC hits play and starts the intro music, gives disclaimer, hints towards today’s theme, and we are off.

Mosey to the baseball fields, crank tunes, complete the typical SSH, weedpicker, etc. IC.

Give PAX full disclosure as the first cover song ends…the playlist is made up entirely of cover songs and our BD will be C.O.V.E.R.S.

The Thang:

Instructions were given one letter at a time as we went. I found out today that we are a “shut up and start” group….we are quick on our feet and adapt quick, but words without action are tough for us 😉

C – Circle of Pain howling monkey style to start off. Then Corner2Corner with 10 crabcakes at each corner. repeato 5x ……..YHC makes a quick adjustment to the volume. more = better

O – OYO, anything you want. Complete OYO for 2 minutes. PAX were warned that they would be judged based on what they picked. Everyone picked burpees….wisely.

V – Vicious Circle. 2 rounds. Round 1 was bear crawls for transport and 10 merkins in the middle. R2 was lunges and 15 merks.

E – Eagle Wings (without coupons…so Bat Wings, but thanks to Whiz we added an additional exercise to make it “Extremely Painful Bat Wings”). Then a quick round of 40 E2Ks each side.

R – Ring of Fire. stations were Sumo Squats, Hill Run, Box Jump, Flutters, Lunge. Hill runners were the timer, rotate when they get back.

S – Step Up Burpees. yes. just yes.

Head back to the flag for quick namorama, and today’s TNT message.


Pray for various family tragedies. And for sad clowns.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Today’s TNT message was delivered by YHC:

It was on the Influence Effect from your Tribe.

  • the people closest to you change how you think, what you believe and how you act
  • their influence can be an anchor that holds you back or a sail that moves you forward
  • roots of this goes way back to early human species that banded together in tribes just to survive
  • you are, whether you like it or not, a product of your tribe
  • example:  take the 10 people closest to you.  You are an average of those 10 people… fitness, health, relationships, spiritual, success, income, etc
  • be intentional with who you spend time with and who you allow to influence you

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