12 Angry Men

AO: Firehouse

When: 02/23/2021

QIC: Suarez

PAX (12): Suarez, Asphalt, Lightweight, Lifelock, Schneider, Ace Ventura, Dumpster, DunShire, Script Kiddie, Dash(aka starbucks) Buckeye, & Java Dog(FNG)


It was exciting to see some new faces Dunshire,(an F3 brother that just moved here from F3Cherokee) which Script Kiddie could not seem to master that name, calls to Dan Shire, Don Juan, and Don  Quixote, surprisingly went unanswered.  We also got a visit from Dumpster,always great to have a visit from our brothers from the south and an FNG now known as Java Dog.


Mosey to the spot and did the following warmups
Weed picker
Sun gods
Reverse Sun gods
We were excited to have a few straggles join the ranks, inflating the count to 12 HIM that showed up on this slightly warmer morning and give Firehouse a new max count(12) to shot for, next time
Then off to start the fun

The Thang:

Suarez already laid out the plan for the Thang before we started to mosey so when we got to the stations we were ready to go and so began the fun, it was a 5 station, 5 round event with 20 second breaks between exercises and a minute break between the rounds and here is a recap of the Stations/exercises

Station 1
Round1:Triceps Extension
Round2:Triceps Extension
Round3:Triceps Extension
Round4:Triceps Extension
Round5:Triceps Extension

Round1:Leg Raises
Round2:Leg Raises
Round3:Leg Raises

Station 3
Round4:Uneven Merkins
Round5:Uneven Merkins

Station 4

Station 5
Round1:Jump Rope
Round2:Jump Rope
Round3:Jump Rope
Round4:Jump Rope
Round5:Jump Rope

After all that and time to spare, we did more jump roping to a song with a quick add of slow 10 count merkins to break it up a bit.

Thang 2
Slow moseyed to the flag pole to get in a quick round of everyone’s favorite…. the ring of fire Suarez started us off and we went around letting each PAX do 5 merkins will the other men planked, at that point it was time to move to the COT


The count and name-o-rama was done and it was great to see 12 HIM, none were really angry, more tired but proud of the time/work they had put in.
We got to name the FNG and landed on Java Dog.

Pray requests
Ace Ventura requested prayer for his father in law  due to a stent being placed and a heart condition
Pray for Schneider and a contract he is working on so he can retire…again.

Script kiddie closed us out in pray and we took the PAX pic to document the fact we had 12 HIM that made it out and did a great job on one fine beat down.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Dash(aka Starbucks) once again  blessed us with coffee and the added bonus of free Tshirts and caps, thank you sir! we then hung out a bit had some good conversation, and great coffee and for some it was time to go.
Ace Ventura, Lightweight, Schneider, and Script kiddie still had energy to burn so it was time for a post Beatdown 3.1 mile run.  We all pushed each other and shout out to Ace for keeping with the run, and finishing up and also thanks to Schneider and Lightweight for keeping up the pace, after that it was officially time to start the day.
This BD was a great one, new faces, visits from our F3 brother from the south and an F3Cherokee transplant that we are excited to have as part of Firehouse, now if only Script kiddie could get Dunshires name right, lol.
Looking forward to Thursday and seeing all these HIM, in the gloom again.

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