Deck of Death – an ode to Snowman

AO: The Grindstone

When: 02/22/2021

QIC: Hushpuppy

PAX (9): Snowman, Whiz, Crab Cake, McDuff, Swiper, Clyde, Lexi, FNG


I read Snowman’s testimony over the weekend and I harkened back to that muggy, hot June morning last year when he posted as an FNG at Grindstone.  Then I thought some more about it…..YHC had Q that morning!  So I dug up the BD from 6.29.20, dusted it off, got the playlist ready, made some slight modifications and decided to let it loose on the PAX this morning.  Disclaimer was given and off we went.  Mumble chatter ensued, thus assuring YHC that today, as Ice Cube so eloquently delivered, would indeed be “a good day”.


Set out for warm up run around the south parking lot (baseball fields/tennis courts/playground).  Good mornings and mountain man poopers (a Hushpuppy staple) were in order.  Mosey to end zone of football field for instructions.

The Thang:

PAX learned that the Deck of Death BD was to commence shortly and that YHC reserved the right to change it up during the BD so to remain attentive.

We began:

red cards (2-10): merkins
black cards (2-10): pretzel sticks – alpha count (we used BBSU, Sumo Squats as well)

Jack: 10 tuck jumps
Queen: 10 burpees
King: 10 reps, in cadence, DiCaprios (aka “Superman” but YHC relates these to DiCapio’s role in Titanic….”I’m king of the world!”  “King”….see what I did there?
Ace: 18 second star hold, flapjack
Joker: 34 SSH, 80 yd sprints x2, 17 bonnie blairs (alpha count)  – and yes, somehow there were 3 jokers in my deck of death….or WERE there??  PAX will never know

Time for one more exercise so we lined up for a 50 yd DB drill suicide with 50 LBCs.

During this time it was evident that acceleration occurred and men got better.  Hallelujah.  Amen.



We got to learn a little bit about the FNG that joined us this morning thanks to an invite from Lexi.  He owns a landscaping/mulch business, went to UGA, has 2 young-ish kids, both a girl and a boy.  His first date was at Ippolito’s…, we were struggling with this one.  He plays an instrument….nice… the guitar (unfortunately not the piccolo, which would’ve been an excellent nickname).  “What is your kids favorite movie(s)?” YHC asked…he wasn’t sure.  We kept the dialogue going for fear we would not provide an adequate nickname for the FNG; the moment was tense.  “Where did you go on your honeymoon”?  “Aruba”, he says.  Whiz quips “what’s that Beach Boys song about Aruba, Jamaica…” and then it happened:  “KOKOMO”.  So welcome to your tribe, Kokomo.  Glad to have ya.


Praises for Snowman’s literal transformation, losing 61 lbs since last June (that’s 10 lbs a MONTH, people) and the fellowship that inspires him and all of us, to keep going.

Today’s charge:  Remember that the word “repent” biblically means “to turn toward”, so as we go through the Lenten season, giving things up/abstaining is all well and good but remember to add to your life and focus on adding good habits (like fitness, fellowship and faith) and doing your best to shine your light for others to see. Make a complete turn of direction towards God and all the good you can do in your life.

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