A Tribute to Rusty

AO: Bad Apple

When: 02/22/2021

QIC: Woody

PAX (10): Goat, Rusty, Lumbergh, Ponyboy, Brutus, Snax, Swamp Donkey, Sprocket, Pass Interference


Designed this BD to be a tribute to Rusty…who has a habit of using repetitive 80s music to make you hate those songs and crush spirits.   i.e. Burpees to “All I need is a Miracle”.  

Good to see Lumbergh and Swamp Donkey as I hadn’t seen them in a while being that YHC is still coming back to form after surgery, and planning BDs to not incorporate running or impact jumping but still get cardio.


Sun Gods – 1 minute

Hillbillies x 11

Toy Soliders x 11

The Thang:

Let’s leave the 80s to Rusty and we’ll go with some good classic rock.

Song & Exercise List:

  1. Who Are You….Side Straddle Hop…and every time you hear “WHO”, Do a  SQUAT x 143?!
  2. Modified 1st exercise…with “FREE FALLING” 2 minutes in…Hallelujah!
  3. Don’t Bring Me Down…..Planks…every time you hear “DOWN”, Do a Merkin x 26 
  4. Jet Airliner…, Rifle carry around the parking lot…every time you hear “JET AIRLINER”…Burpee x 12
  5. Lola….Walking Lunges around the Lot.   Every time you hear “LOLA” do a SQUAT X 37 
  6. Don’t Fear the Reaper….Coupon curls around the parking lot.  “REAPER”.  Do a THRUSTER x 9
  7. Fly By Night…SSH.…”NIGHT” do a Burpee x 10
  8. Break on Through…..Planks…every time you hear “BREAK ON THROUGH”, Do a Merkin x 14
  9. Another One Bites the Dust…  Bear Crawl the Parking Lot…”ANOTHER” Do a Merkin X 17 
  10. I’m Still Standing…..Lunges around the lot….and every time “STILL STANDING”…Thrusters X 15 

(In full disclosure, YHC messed up the intended songs/exercises on the board.  Instead of SSH for Break on Through, it was supposed to be mountain climbers and merkins.)

With 10 minutes to go, we broke out the F3 Deck of Death…did a couple of exercises/sprints or lunges.

With 5 minutes to go, we did 4 different Merry Counts and some diamond merkins…courtesy of Goat…who hadn’t done enough I guess.


Announcements on upcoming (Hilltopper?) event that Ollie is participating in.  Technology drive for underprivileged youth.  Prayers for those hurting, especially in Texas without power in freezing temps.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Good solid workout in 45 degree weather.  If this were an August workout, there may have been some PAX who wouldn’t get back up…including YHC.  Always a pleasure to plan and execute a BD for these men.

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