Birthday Alliteration

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 02/20/2021

QIC: Feathers/Boomer

PAX (17): Boomer, Doughboy, Saint20, Meatball, Ball Boy, Birdie, YouTube, Pumba, Delta, NRA, Pass Interference, Cox, Funion, TMI, Hot Sauce, Danno (FNG), Feathers.


It was cold, but 17 HIM, including one brave FNG, beat the fart sack and started their weekend off right.


Boomer lead the pax in warmups and moseyed them to the bottom of Widowmaker hill, where YHC was stationed with the weinke and the big speaker.

The Thang:

Birthday Burpee Bonnie Blair Bearcrawl Baseball.

a baseball diamond is laid out in cones, with third, home, and first in the flats below the hill. Second base is at the manhole cover halfway up the hill.

starting at home base, the pax perform the following exercises:

50 Air Presses

40 Mountain Climbers

30 Pickle Pointers

25 Plank Jacks

20 Big Boys

15 Annies

10 Bonnie Blairs Alpha

5 Burpees

Once completed, Bear Crawl to first, mosey up the hill to second and back down to third, then Bearcrawl to home  

Rinse and repeat, crossing off the first exercise each time

Boomer then led the pax up the hill, pausing to perform monkeyhumpers for the six, then back to the flag for Mary


Praise for fast healing (yhc) and prayers for the folks in Texas, and for our broken world.

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