The Day the Music (and our deltoids) Died

AO: The Bridge

When: 02/19/2021

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (13): Meatball, Feathers, Birdie, Ready-Mix, McGuire, Ballboy, Wingnut, Doughboy, Popper, Homer, Puff Daddy, Sugar


Gaining inspiration from other recent Q’s, YHIC determined that a simple but more ruthlessly efficient approach might provide a more balanced workout. Thus we were able to work all body parts during each of the evolutions (other than our ending core work). The only thing that wasn’t efficient were the technical issues on the playlist, including several inadvertent sneak previews of the piece de resistance. That will get fixed going forward.


10 Weedpickers
10 Windmills (Abe Vigoda style, SLOOOOW)
10 Hillbillies
15 Side Straddle Hops
10 Moroccan Night Clubs

Short loop mosey

The Thang:

YHIC determined that simplicity (with a small amount of spice) would go a long way towards an effective BD. Hence, went with the following:

Part A – 11’s with a twist
1) Start with 5 coupon bent rows
2) Bonnie Blair’s (10 each leg, working down to 1)
3) 5 coupon bent rows
4) Farmer’s Carry coupon .05 mi from Jungle Gym to Memorial
5) Upon arrival, 5 rows
6) Jack Webb’s (1 Merken+4 air presses, working to 10/40)
7) 5 Rows
8) Return to start and repeat

Part B – First Nations Lunge Walk with catchup doing a Zamperini to the front (or ZamperIndian lunge walks) – did 2 cycles for all the pax, coincidentally finished 2 laps around the greenspace

Part C – Super Cusaks
Pax held coupons overhead during the playing of “In Your Eyes,” a la John Cusack in SAY ANYTHING. Each time “Your Eyes” was sung, pax dropped their coupon down and pressed it back up. The extended song version is 5:30, we made it to 3:00 (it’s a start, we’ll work up to a finish soon)

Part D – 6 minutes of Mary (which was more along the lines of 3 minutes)


In addition to a joint Feathers / Boomer BD at Widowmaker to start the weekend off the right way, there was much praise and prayer:
1. We lift up Ready-Mix’s mom and family out in Texas as the deal with the aftermath of the storms, along with the rest of the folks in the region
2. Much praise given for Popper’s newest opportunity, Homer’s business expansion plans, and Sugar’s church being debt free and able to channel those resources towards additional ministries.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

As previously, didn’t sleep well knowing that I didn’t want to be the guy that misses his Q because of an alarm malfunction. Making the commit to Q is a great thing, and with it comes responsibility that YHIC takes very seriously – the standard that other Q’s in this and other AO’s have set has made my life better from the standpoint of getting stronger and being a better example to my M and 2.0’s. Living up to the standard to ensure that others get as good a workout as I do inspires constant improvement as well, and I hope that virtuous cycle continues! Til next time…head ’em up, move ’em out!

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