Lucky 21 Windjammer Beatdown

AO: Windjammer

When: 02/17/2021

QIC: Brutus

PAX (6): Stiff Arm Townie Cookie Dr. Rico False Start


5 PAX joined YC for my first Q of 2021 .  That combined with a crisp and clear (but not windy) 21 degree morning created the ’21’ theme.  We were also joined by a very large and low shooting star over the lake seen by a few in the group!  Another reason the makes Windjammer a scenic AO!



Moseyed to the lakefront for the warm-up which included:

-Neck Rolls

-Side Straddle Hops

-Arm Circles


-Weed Pickers

The Thang:

We had a 21 theme that we spread across the various BD ‘arenas’ we have at the Windjammer.

1.)Boat Launch for everyone’s favorite – Circle Burp – 21 total

2.)Half Merkin Mile (including the worst of the hill)..21 total merkins

3)Down to the Sports Park for:

-Balls to Wall – 21 sec and bonus for 21x2x1 =42 seconds

-Broke into teams for 21 pull-up / plank challenge

4)Across the mud ice and sticker bushes for a 2-1 Windammer hill challenge ..up 2 times forward and 1 time backward

5.)Moseyed back to the Lake Club Lot for 3 laps that included

-21 Squats

-21 Bonnie Blairs

-21 Calf Raises

-21 LBC

-21 American Hammers

-21 Flutter Kicks

Grabbed some relatively light coupons to finish with 21 each of shoulder presses, skull crushers, curls and rows.

Got back to the virtual flag for some a few more sets of abs as we hit ‘time’


-Praise and Prayers for Stiff Arm’s pending family addition

-Praise and Prayers for Dr. Rico’s pending family addition

-Praise for the work being done by Cookie and others with No Longer Bound.  More PAX needed next month to support this great work.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Was an honor to conduct my first Q of 2021!  I am still in my first year in F3 but I am very grateful for the benefits all-round.  The morning fitness regiment is certainly making me a stronger man, but the fellowship is helping making me a better man!

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