Got to keep moving

AO: Caney Creek

When: 02/17/2021

QIC: Zohan

PAX (5): Blue Eyes, Slow Pitch, Rattle Trap, Pothole, Zohan


Admittedly, I didn’t want to be outside this morning. Just looking at the weather forecast caused to me want to crawl under the covers. So when Pothole said he needs a Q I took it, to force myself. Also, hard to see all those Kansas and Omaha guys working out in the snow without feeling some level of shame. The good kind of shame, that drives you to be better.


We started off with a long mosey through the main road to the other side of the park. 20 IC SSH, 10 IC Weed Pickers, 10 IC Windmills. Bat Wings – 20 IC forward arm circles, 20 IC backwards, 20 IC overhead claps, 20 IC seal claps and 20 IC Chinook (like baby arm circles but with hands up and not to the side).


The Thang:

4 Corners in the parking lot. Each round had same exercise in each corner.

First round – 10 Suicide Squats. Each Suicide Squats is actually 1-in-3. A half squat, a regular squat and a dip squat (like monkey humper starting position).

Second round – 15 Alternate Shoulder Taps alpha count.

Third round – 20 Freddie Mercury alpha count.


We moseyed to the small playground, which YHC didn’t even know is there till yesterday when I scouted the area. I’ve only been to this side of the park a few times, always in the dark and always just run in the parking lot.

On the fake rocks – 30 IC Step Ups (switch leading leg in the middle), 15 IC Dips and 30 IC Dirty Hand Shakes (switch leading hands in the middle).

YHC noticed time went by faster than anticipated and we needed to get back. We grubbed our stuff and run through the field back to the road with just enough light from the moon to not break our necks. We low planked for the 6, then continued on on the main road.

At the entrance we lunged walked for a few min then circled up. Since YHC didn’t have time to do the second Thang that was planned, the Mary was a portion of what was planned with 12 IC Merkins, 12 IC Flatter Kicks and 10 IC Merkins.


Prayers of healing for Slow Pitch that struggled with lower back pains and a youth named John who died on an operation table but was revived.


Reminder that we need to get stronger physically, mentally and emotionally so that we’ll be ready to serve and support others as needed. Also, there are always struggles, always challenges, but we can decide the next milestones to pursue (though not the challenges on the way there).

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