Who Me?

AO: Firehouse

When: 02/11/2021

QIC: Lightweight

PAX (6): Lightweight Dash aka Starbucks Lifelock Ace Ventura Skynard Buckeye


Showed up thinking Ace Ventura was going to be giving his VQ to us but instead I was reminded that it was my Q. Well, time for a group workout using Dash, Lifelock, Ace Ventura, skynard, and buckeye’s help to make it a great One.


Mosey to the Rally point for intro and exercise. This is the list of warm ups.

Side saddle hops


weed pickers

sun god


The Thang:

We set our sights on the firehouse which is about .7 miles one way and we started our run, along the way we would stop at every 3 or 4 street lights and someone would call out a workout that would last until that person told us to stop or based on a number of reps.

  • crunches
  • merkins
  • dips
  • burpees
  • American hammer
  • Skull crusher with rocks
  • lunges
  • leg raises
  • Curls + raise with rocks
  • squats
  • revers running
  • mountain climber
  • stretched crunches
  • I think I’m missing some

We gathered around the flag for more punishment. We did a circle rama with more leg raises, crunches, and American hammers.


After count and name-O-Rama asked for prayer request.

Request for those who couldn’t be there because of sickness or family matters.

Even though I forgot it was my turn every one chipped in to help make it a great Q and I want to give all that helped a big Thank You!

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