Never skip leg day

AO: Halo

When: 02/15/2021

QIC: Wideright

PAX (9): so so def, tweaker, sparky, steamer, fondue guy, nugget, jorts and spring break



warmup IC 15x:

hillbillies, SSH’s, fickles, a vagoda, weed pickers and imperial walkers

mosey around to stairs


The Thang:

groups of 3

1-up and down stair squats

2-backwards up and down stairs

3-calf raises each step

rotate till thru

mosey to parking lot

down and backs 2 times thru groups

mosey back to stairs

round 2 – repeat

mosey to playground – roll call

mosey to flag for time


spring break mother in law past away Saturday – prayers for family

Fondue Guys Mom, Barbara – healing and wisdom for doctors

sparkys Aunt for healing and his mom for grace

Papa Mike – slowly fading, peace and calm for Gigandet family and graciousness from Jesus!

SYITG and Happy President’s Day!

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