Beating Bowser

AO: The Grindstone

When: 02/15/2021

QIC: Crab Cake

PAX (6): Snowman, Whiz, Schneider, McDuff, Inseam, Crab Cake


The numbers aligned as this was 42 days since YHC’s first post.  It was a misty 42 degrees and YHC is 42 years old.  And to top that off, for all of you numerologist, today was Feb 15, 2021.  2 x 15 + 21 is… 41.  So neither 41 nor 42 had anything to do with today’s BD.  Instead, in honor of Valentines Day, 6 PAX suited up in their blue overalls ready to conquer levels, invade castles, face dragons, and save princesses in a Super Mario BD.  And we’re off..


Mosey around the parking lot to flags set out in honor of President’s Day for some warm ups.

Weed Pickers
Good Mornings
Moroccan Night Clubs

The Thang:

Level 1:

Descend the ‘Green Tunnel’ staircase with Bear Crawls

Continue bear crawling through the underground level until all PAX have descended.

Ascend up the ‘Green Tunnel’ staircase with Box Jumps stomping unsuspecting Koopa Troopas on each landing

Leveling Up:  1st & 10’s Mario style

Donkey Kong (err..Bear) Crawl 10 yds

15 Mario Merkins (Merkin, then shoot a fireball out of each hand)

30 Luigi LBCs (LBC)

Sprint to the opposite goal line

Block Breaker hops (skip jump with an air punch) back to the starting position


Since YHC forgot his speaker, Schneider provided the soundtrack for this portion, although he may have unintentionally kept playing his Valentines Evening Spotify playlist from last night.

Once the PAX progessed to the 30 ydl they happened upon a Power UP mushroom
Mario Merkins transformed into Bowser Burpees
Luigi LBCs into Big Boys

PAX continued progress until the 50 ydl where they found a secret passage way that lead up the mountain to Bowser’s Castle – which masquerades as the Sharon Springs cheering stands, but that didn’t fool us

Boss Level:
Facing Bowser was no small task

11’s included Paratrooper Pole Ups where PAX laid under a handrail performing a modified pull-up – nips to pole
and more Bowser Burpees

After Defeating Bowser, back to the flag to rescue our Princess.

Final Scene: 
With absolutely no relevance to Valentines Day and not related in any way to saving the Princess, the following Marys were performed

  • Pickle Pounders
  • Rosalita
  • J Lo
  • Dolly

Since YHC finished prematurely (not a rare occurrence) Inseam tagged in to finish the job (not what you’re thinking) with

  • Reverse Pickle Pounders
  • Honey mooners


  • Prayers for Dumpster’s speedy recovery
  • Prayers for Traveling mercy for PAX returning home from the holiday
  • GoRuck Star Course on 3/6 and the Thundermeat Hillseeker Challenge the weekend of  3/19 – 3/21.  Teams formed/forming for both events so just let us know if you want in and we’ll make sure there is a spot for you

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Mini TNT: Dragons are all around us. Swiper encouraged us last week to call out dragons if a friend is going off track (a la Tiger Woods).  Jordan Peterson reminded us that sometimes the small dragons just need to be acknowledged before they get any larger than they should.  He says ‘don’t ever underestimate the destructive power of sins of omission’
Our challenge this week is to (1) identify the little dragons in our life and (2) face them boldly.  Beating Bowser together in the gloom today was practice for slaying dragons in our lives this week.

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