To be young

AO: The Rubicon

When: 02/11/2021

QIC: Cookie Birthday Q @cookie_f3

PAX (26): OLD FARTS: MillerTime, Devito, Focker, Pinkey, Lumbergh, Isner, Pitstop, Trebek, Special K, Pass Interference, Brutus, Tech Support YOUNG PUPS: Hanson, Eviction, Stiff Arm, Finkle, False Start, Transcript, Catfish, Stifler, Updyke, Lefty, Nomad, Lil Hurt (over 40), Fanny Pack (over 40)


YHC posted a few pre-blast messages promising today would be a birthday beatdown featuring old vs young.  Perhaps it was the 50 degree weather, or maybe the coffee to follow, or possibly the competition proposed…. either way, we had 26 PAX post which is a Rubicon record in recent memory.  As the circle formed around the flag, several pre-runners came rolling up at 5:29am, and after a quick disclaimer, we set off into the gloom.


Mosey to the Wills Rd side parking lot for:

  • SSH
  • Windmill
  • Imperial Walker
  • Circle Burp

The Thang:

After the warmup, we divided into 2 teams based on age.  38 was the initial cutoff, but after realizing the old men team had a few too many, the new cutoff became 40… then 41, which sent YHC to the young guns, temporarily.  After a few adjustments, YHC ended up back on the old men team as it should be, and the cutoff finished around 40.5.  We had our teams, 13 vs. 13.  The old vs young competition would consist of 5 different challenges.  After assigning a team captain, off we went toward the playground.

CHALLENGE 1:  Balls to the Wall

Teams divided up along the wall.  Everyone went up together, when the last man drops for the losing team, the winning team gets 1 point for every man still up.  As it turns out, the last 2 standing were 1 from each team, with the old men edging the young guys.  1 point for the old men.

CHALLENGE 2:  Pull-ups, head to head

Team captains sent 1 man at a time to the pull-up bars.  Head to head challenge AMRAP style.  There were some great matchups, with the old men maintaining a slight lead when it was finished.  Mosey over to the field of dreams for the next two rounds.

CHALLENGE 3:  Bear Crawl Indian Race

PAX lined up in plank position team vs team, with the guy in the back bear crawling to the front as fast as he could.  Once everyone made it to the front, the challenge was over.  The young guns won this challenge in a landslide, putting the total around square.

CHALLENGE 4:  Merkins, head to head

4 PAX from each team would compete head to head against their opponent.  After 3 rounds, the young guns took a commanding lead.  Off to the parking lot for 1 final challenge.

CHALLENGE 5:  Wind Sprints, head to head

Same format as before, whereas 3-4 PAX from each team would compete head to head in wind sprints.  The old men made a good run here, but the young guns fueled by a fast charing Lil Hurt pulled away and ultimately won the battle and the war.

And that’s a wrap.  Out of time, we circle up for COT.


YHC spoke of how it feels great acting like a kid and competing in CSAUP challenges like we did this morning with brothers in the gloom.  Prayers were spoken for a family members battling illness.  Announcements made for upcoming events like No Longer Bound beatdown on Saturday.  Coffee and TNT followed where Pass Interference shared how the men of F3 have helped him get through a bumpy road the past 6-7 months.  False Start brought some cookies in honor of YHC’s birthday.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

For the past 6 birthdays YHC has started his day with a birthday Q in the gloom.  I can’t think of any place I would rather be than here with my brothers as I celebrate another trip around the sun.  The endorphins from the workout, the friendly competition, the banter, the emotional sharing during COT, the great conversations over coffee.  All of it.  Always.

Love you all.


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