Mind if we join you…

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 02/13/2021

QIC: Speedo

PAX (6): Zohan, Pumba (R), Boomer, Miller Time, Pellets


There was quite a difference between last week and this week at the WM.  With 36 last week for the Barkley, I was hoping the rain wouldn’t keep the PAX away.  But with a Saturday afternoon option with our NLB brothers, plus 40 degrees and raining at 0700 we literally started with just three this morning.  We passed one late-comer on our initial run so we circled back for him.  There were two other cars in the lot, one with an F3 sticker on it but no other PAX to be found.  That mystery was solved a bit later.


Moseyed to the concession stand between the baseball fields for a quick warmup including:

  • Weed pickers x15
  • Hillbillies x10
  • Air squared x21 – air chair while doing air presses but we did overhead claps so call it whatever you want

The Thang:

Thang 1

We moseyed past the baseball fields which would have been perfect for an actual game of boats and canoes then headed to the playground as YHC tried to figure out how the horrible playlist on my speaker was even an option on Spotify.  At the playground the PAX were instructed to do AMRAP pull-ups x5, merkins x10 and squats x15 (repeat).  They challenged the use of AMRAP so I clarified it as AMSAP but it was also an AMRAP so tomato tomahto.

YHC got the playlist figured out and we were off.  A few minutes in, a couple of head-lamped runners came down the road and I called out to them.  Turns out it was Miller Time and Pellets, the owners of the other two cars in the lot.  They asked us if were F3 guys as if there might be others on the playground at 7:15 doing pullups but we played along and they quickly came up to join us.  This fun lasted for 15 minutes and YHC called time.

Thang 2

We moseyed down the Widowmaker and partnered up.  P1 does the exercise while P2 runs to the end of the guardrail on the hill and back.  Exercises included:

  • Burpees x100
  • Lunges x200
  • Big Bois x100
  • Overhead Claps x200
  • Hand release Merkins x100 (note to self, don’t schedule HR merkins after doing 200 OH claps)
  • Imperial Walkers x200

All groups were able to finish in time to run back up the WM and to the pitch where we enjoyed only one round of DMC:

  • Duck walk from the end line to the 18-yard box
  • Merkins x5
  • Crawl bear back to the end line

This is best done as a suicide with increasing distance and merkins at each line…next time!

Finished out with some mary including endless flutter kicks by MT, box cutters from Pumba, gas pumpers from YHC and finished it off with a Shawshank (check the exicon, it’s in there) as we hit 0800.


Prayers lifted up for F3 brother’s co-worker whose baby recently died in daycare, Nacho’s wife with covid, the new homeless fitness ministry being led in part by MT and Pellets, and for all those suffering in some way today.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC challenged himself to lead five beat downs this week as I turned 55 on Thursday.  If I generously count leading the pre-ruck this AM I hit that number but, regardless, it was a fun week and I’m glad to be on this side of it.  Thanks to all you HIMs who posted and played a role in making my week a success.  I’m afraid to imagine what my life would be like without my F3 brothers.  About 10 years ago I was asked the question “who will carry your casket” and I struggled to name more than 3-4.  Today I feel like there would be a waiting list since I have so many more guys in my life.  I suspect you guys would all be signing up to do it as an excuse to get some shoulder and upper back work in while attending a funeral.

It’s an honor and a privilege to workout alongside you guys.

–Speedo out

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