Ice Man’s Tragedy

AO: The Bluffs

When: 02/12/2021

QIC: Val

PAX (8): Yeehaw, Pup, Double Fault, T-Bone, Executioner, Favre, MC, Val


It was good to be back where I started F3 in July, EH’d by MC and Double Fault. YHC has been absent from the gloom of the only Hall County AO since January when I started Hall of Justice to shorten the drive in the gloom. Driving through some of the thickest fog you can find in all of North Georgia, I pulled up a bit early as I pondered how these PAX have accelerated in my absence.

The site Q, Favre, pulled up first. YHC got out of the car, said greetings, then pulled a whiteboard out of the backseat and mosied it down the hill to set up for The Thang. When I got back to the top of the hill, I was greeted by Yeehaw and MC, followed by T-Bone, Pup, and Executioner. There was some discussion between YHC and MC as to whether or not Double Fault would show and when the Warm-O-Rama began, our suppositions that he fartsacked were confirmed.


We started with some Imperial Walkers where YHC demonstrated proper form (don’t bend your back to get elbow to knee, bring the knee higher.) We followed with Moroccan Night Clubs. That is when we stood corrected about Double Fault fartsacking. The incredible tennis player, who lives within running distance of the AO arrived in time to finish the set of MNCs. We finished out the Warm-O-Rama with some SSH and a long mosey around the flagpole, passed the shovel flag, and down to the stage.

The Thang:

When the PAX six made his way in (which took a matter of seconds after the leader made it in) YHC unveiled the whiteboard which had The Thang written upon it. We would use the hill to complete 10 mosey laps, stopping at the light pole each way to pay the tax of 10 Star Jacks. Also on the board was the following:

100 Merkins
100 Squats
100 Curb Calf Raises
100 Curb Dips
100 LBCs
100 Overhead Claps

YHC instructed the PAX to partner up, but that between the 2 PAX, they needed to complete all of the list each (think 20 laps and 200 of each exercise.) That was when the mumble chatter turned to grumble chatter. After a few clarifying questions, YHC took off up the hill. At the light pole, I paid the tax, continued to the top when I heard what can only be described as an intentional attack on my feelings.

Being that YHC is named after my favorite movie, Top Gun (not my favorite character Val Kilmer – Ice Man), a PAX yelled out, “Hey Val, you can’t be my wingman anymore!” The intentional attack instead made me smirk with a bit of pride, because I knew at that moment I had accelerated in my 1stF. I knew this because the PAX were expecting a Q from 2-months ago-Val. This BD was more intense and more difficult, but that is what is needed if a PAX wants to accelerate.


After the Count-o-Rama and the Name-o-Rama, YHC provided a quick word of encouragement about accelerating in all 3 F’s. MC requested prayer for a new small group starting at his house with Double Fault and YHC asked for prayers for my M’s upcoming eye surgery.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was good to be back at my home AO. These PAX have been accelerating in my absence. At no point did I see a PAX falling behind. Keep accelerating. SYITG

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