Particle Man Coupons

AO: Bad Apple

When: 02/10/2021

QIC: Speedo

PAX (13): Sprocket (R), Lumburgh, Miller Time, Rusty, Zima, Chalupa (R), Brutus, Snax, Pass Interference (R), Goat, Ollie, Pony Boy


One car in the lot when I arrived but within 5 minutes it was filling up fast.  As always, the Bad Apple boys brought their weighted vests and hand grenades, and other assorted weapons so I knew we were well equipped for the morning.


Moseyed through the fog to the shopping center for a quick warm-up:

  • SSH x15
  • Weed pickers x10
  • Imperial walkers x10
  • Control freak merkins x5


The Thang:

Back to the flag where YHC had set up the following board of pain.

We also had a bag full of raffle tickets like this:

YHC instructed the PAX to pull a ticket out of the bag and match the last number of the ticket to the board.  If the ticket had the word ‘TICKET’ on it they were to use the right side of the board which involved coupon work using the rep counts down the middle.  If they drew a ticket without the word ‘TICKET’ on it they were to use the left side of the board (without coupons).  Of course, I didn’t notice until this morning that the other ticket actually had the word COUPON on it which undoubtedly caused some confusion with the PAX.  It only took us 10-12 rounds to totally figure it out.  Some PAX drew a nice variety of exercises while I heard at least one PAX drew blockees 3x.  Fun was had by all although the playlist received some much-deserved scrutiny.

We continued the experiment with just a few minutes left by bear crawling across a grassy area with some gently used paper plates on our feet.  YHC was gently reminded that plastic plates were better and the scraps of paper plates leftover afterwards were proof that advice was sound.

We wrapped up with a circle burp plus some American Hammers (Brutus), big bois (Snax) and some brutal control freak diamond merkins from Goat (note to self, don’t call on Goat for the last Mary exercise).


Prayers were lifted up for an F3 brother who lost his mom and for a relative of Chalupa who also passed away.  Prayers and praises were heard by our Father even if they weren’t verbally shared.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I really appreciate the opportunity to work out with you guys and thank you for playing along with the new concept this morning.  The coffee, juice, and cupcakes were a very nice surprise (thanks again @Sprocket) and I’ve saved my cupcake for a mid-morning snack.  You guys rock and I thank you for pushing me and for keeping me feeling younger.  –Speedo out

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