February Johnny McEnroe

AO: Windjammer

When: 02/10/2021

QIC: Townie

PAX (13): Cookie, False Start, Milli Vanili, Brutus, Dr. Rico, Lefty, Hansen, Hokie, Walke Talkie, Transcript, Dact, Stiff Arm, Townie


There were some pre-rucking and pre-running going on not including YHC. 


Mosey to the Flagpole for some SSHs, Weedpickers, Imperial Walkers and in cadence and then a few Covids & Arm Circles on your own few Covids & Arm Circles on your own

The Thang:

13 PAX moseyed back to the parking lot and ran some DB drills right & left side all the way up to the designated 4 tennis courts for a Johnny McEnroe special.  The Johnny McEnroe consists of suicides across 4 courts with each far-line requiring a burpee to count as your touch-down.

Doubles Lines: 15 x upper body (mercans, incline, decline, dips and wide mercans)

Singles Lines: 25 x core (flutters, American hammers, LBCs, BB sit-ups, box-cutters, Dollys, etc..)

Middle Lines: 40 x lower body (squats, lunges, bonnie blairs, monkey-humpers, calf raises, etc…)

Once completed, early finishing PAX bear-crawled around the perimeter of a tennis court until all finished.

Mosey back to the parking lot to grab cinders (what used to be 5 is now apparently 3).  QIC forgot how to count, but we got some quick curls for the gurls in while other PAX sprinted a loop.

False Start wrapped us up with some more core work before time was called.


F3 will be featured in an article in the AJC soon.  Cookie was interviewed and discussed all the great things F3 does for the community and the men involved.  QIC is very much looking forward to seeing this published!

Prayers for Townie’s wife’s Aunt Kathy who is still battling Covid complications and is back in the hospital.

Phase is offering free babysitting on Valentine’s day from 4:15 to 8:00 – Hansen with details on this.

Note to other PAX – don’t challenge Cookie to a race when you’re already behind him.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Looking forward to the 1 year anniversary of the Windjammer coming in March.  The impact it’s had on me, and I’m sure many others, will be great to celebrate.

Cookie with the coffeeteria on Friday if we get 10 PAX to HC.

Don’t forget to buy your Valentine’s Day cards/flowers/gifts before there’s nothing left.

HC from YHC.

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