Around the Clock Jack Bauer style

AO: The Norseman

When: 02/09/2021

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (13): Saint2O, Haha, Hot Sauce, TMI, Blistex, Dr. Rico, Walkie Talkie, Crikey, Legos, Birdie, Striper, Huckleberry


Making more of a habit to grab Q’s and after Windjammer last week it was time for Norseman. I still haven’t even Q’d Rubicon. Demand is great as even Bad Apple is begging for my time.

I was on Google Maps looking for some inspiration and noted the fields and was struck with the image of a clock. I know it can get dark back in that area so I warned headlamps may be good. Hot Sauce said ‘we can do better’ and called up Mrs. North and asked for the lights to be on because lumbergh was coming through. And so we had full light for our BD.


3 pre runners came in and we were off to the big lot for SSH, WP, and HB’s. Arm circles because it was a merkin morning.

The Thang:

From the center building the goal was to go in each cardinal direction, or 12, 3, 6, and 9 on my vision of a clock. Each direction had a short animal run followed by a jog out to left field to fight for the dryest spot for a round of exercises, 24 of each.

“Is it your 24th birthday?”….No, but thank you for that, and if so where are my 45 PAX coming in from the hidden lots? Does Norseman only have Qs on birthdays? It is for 24 hours in a day which was then labeled the Jack Bauer workout.

12:00: Bear Crawl, 24 Merkins, 24 E2k alpha, 24 jump squats, 24 SSH and return to the building for burpees to the six

3:00: Crab Walk, 24 Diamond, 24 LBC, 24 Lunge, 24 SSH back to center

6:00: Cheetah Run, 24 Wide Arm, 24 Freddy, 24 Squat, 24 SSH back to center

9:00: CrawlBear, 24 Staggered (12 each side), 24 Dolly, 24 Side Lunge each side, 24 SSH

5 burpees so the six doesn’t miss out on a few.

Some time left so we head to the football field (Are there named locations at Norseman?)

I labeled the following the Tom Brady just to recognize that he is good at football. It was immediately  noted it had too much running to be a Brady workout.
Run to the 10 do one burpee, backward run to endzone, out to 20 for 2 burpees backward run, etc all the way down field. Back pedaling 40+ yards was more Mahomes than Brady.

Everyone got to the last one just in time to head back for some American Hammers to time. Legos getting back to the flag a little late wasn’t going to miss any reps and saw through the count while we watched.


Prayers for those that were not with us as they deal with ill and exposed family members.

Praise for Barkley 5k and breaking news that there will be a rule change next year! Let speculation begin but I hope it’s severely punishing anyone that dare messes with book placement again

A call for Q’s and offer of support for anyone that wants to plan their workout. I believe I heard a proper Tom Brady tribute is coming Thursday.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead this group.

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