Test Day at the Hall of Justice

AO: Hall of Justice

When: 02/08/2021

QIC: Homer

PAX (6): Seeya, Magnolia, Val, Radar, Smoked, Homer


Threw a preblast out on slack that we’d be doing the Army Physical Fitness Test this morning for these relatively new PAX to F3.


Mosey to the corner of Lawerenceville Suwanee and Buford Highway.

SSH, Moroccan Night Club, Copperhead Squat, Imperial Walker, Hillbillies

The Thang:

YHC thought it would be good to provide a baseline/benchmark/litmus test for the group.  Old faithfuls could see how they are progressing and the RNGs could draw a line in the sand to compare to at some point when we test again.  It is less about where you are today, but where you want to be next time!

Emphasizing Form and not getting too caught up on the results. Again, this is a starting point to look back at later.

The Old Army PT test:

Warm-up lap, followed by:

2 Minutes of Merkins

2 Minutes of Big Boy Sit-ups

2 miles of mosey

When I called minute and half during the Merkins, the PAX thought that we’d gone 90seconds… no, you’ve still GOT 90seconds to go. Everyone realized where we are with fitness. The goal is to accelerate.

With some time left on the beatdown clock, YHC (the last one in from his 2 miles) gathered the rest of the PAX around the weird red art structure in front of the Suwanee City Hall. Gas Pumpers, Freddy Mercury, Flutter Kicks, Dolly, Buzzsaw. Mosey to the stage area.

Introduced Balls to the Wall to the PAX. Followed it up with some Dying Cockroach and the Protractor.


Pray for Val’s M upcoming surgery. Prayers for patience as we all have times where we deal with “shenanigans” around us. Pray for PAX who are relatively new to area and getting settled in. Magnolia and Radar looking for church’s for the families.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Honestly, did not want to get up this morning and travel up to Suwanee, but daily routines are good. Gotta keep pushing.

BTW, the APFT calculator is here : https://apftscore.com/ Had to find a non flash version.

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