Mountaineer Motivators

AO: Halo

When: 02/08/2021

QIC: Steamer

PAX (8): Sparky, Fondue Guy, Nugget, So So Def, Wideright, Spring Break and Jorts


Disclaimer and warm up/mosey

The Thang:

Mountaineer Motivators
Start with determined number of the Q’s choice – 20 Begins with Smurf Jacks, SSH, half arm motion SSH, just leg SSH, twist jacks.

Piston Merkins

Running the lines of the parking lot. Mosey to the line, all you got back to the start… over the curb

Nipple Scraper Merkin
(Also called a Half Moon push up.) With hands on a curb & butts high, drop knees down and to one side. Lower one nipple until it touches the curb, twist your body in the low plank position until the other nipple comes to the curb, and then press up. That is one rep. Reverse the motion.

Paula Abdul
Any set in which you take 2 Lines forward and then 1 line back and continue to do so until you reach a defined endpoint.
All you got forward 2
Reverse mosey back 1
5 Merkins
10 Merkins
15 Merkins
10 Merkins
5 Merkins

Never Cross Dolly
Ab excersise , On your 6 just like your going to do Dolly’s but your upper body is in the iron cross position the whole time doing Dolly’s. Only your 6 is touching the ground.


Hammers 25

Scissor Kicks 35

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