Celebrating 5 Years of the Hooch

AO: The Hooch

When: 02/03/2021

QIC: Homer

PAX (14): Homer, Flo, Meatball, Ball Boy, Koncak, Animal, Saint20, Sunshine, Scrooge, Splinter, Sugar, Maguire, Popper, Boomer


I did not realize when I signed up for 2/3 that it was the 5 year anniversary of the Hooch… nor did I realize until Monday afternoon when I looked to see who was the Q for Wednesday that was the Q. I often go back through backblasts to look for options of what sort of work we may have done in previous years, and when I saw that the very first Hooch Backblast was from 2/3/16, I knew that we had to do a repeat. I actually think this particular beatdown has come up at least once while I’ve been at the Hooch… probably also on anniversaries.


No FNGs. Disclaimer. Cold. Mosey. Mumblechatter heard behind me as I took off around the parking lot loop to end up in our normal warmup area outside of (whatever that restaurant is called now)

Side Straddle Hop was NOT the first called exercise, but at least one PAX missed what was called. We did some Imperial Walkers, Squats, SSH and weedpickers.

The Thang:

Mosey to the Soccer Field. I had placed cones during my pre-run. 4 corners of the large field.

Thang #1 (the only Thang done back on 2/3/16… didn’t seem like 45minutes for the 2021 PAX, so I knew I’d have some time leftover)

Traveling clockwise:

  • Sprint long length of field between cones. 10 Burpees. Bearcrawl Short length 10 StarJumps. Sprint Long Length 9 Burpees. Bearcrawl short length 9 StarJumps.
  • Sprint long length of field between cones. 8 Burpees. DuckWalk Short length 8 StarJumps. Sprint Long Length 7 Burpees. Duck Walk short length 7 StarJumps.
  • Sprint long length of field between cones. 6 Burpees. Crab crawl Short length 6 StarJumps. Sprint Long Length 5 Burpees. Crab crawl short length 5 StarJumps.
  • Sprint long length of field between cones. 4 Burpees. Panther crawl Short length 4 StarJumps. Sprint Long Length 3 Burpees. Panther crawl short length 3 StarJumps.
  • Sprint long length of field between cones. 2 Burpees. Sprint Short length 2 StarJumps. Sprint Long Length 1 Burpee. Sprint short length 1 StarJump.

Taking the cones back to their home in the Perimeter Church Parking Lot, we then Mosey’d back of Starbucks and ultimately down behind on walkway curb side of parking lot.

Thang #2

11’s from walkway to 141 side of lot. Flutter Kicks and Big Boy Sit Ups.

Finished and Mosey back to flag on our six for some Mary.


Lots of talk about our Climb Kili challenge for the month. Prayers for our country and those around us still fearful. Prayers that we would be leaders we’re called to be.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always an honor to lead these men. It had been a while since I was at the Hooch. Felt good to be back with some of the Original Hooch PAX, and see so much positive new growth out of our AO. It was also nice to hand off my Q for Friday to Sugar and let him have a VQ (which we finished this morning and was excellent)

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