AO: Firehouse

When: 02/04/2021

QIC: Skynyrd

PAX (11): PitStop, Skynyrd, Schneider, Lifelock, Lightweight, Asphalt, Script kiddie, Woody, Buckeye, Dash, & Ace Ventura


Skynyrd got there early to open the gates and get everything ready for what looked more like a Crossfit open challenge then an average beatdown, soon after Skynyrd Script kiddie and other PAX got there and helped get everything setup and ready to go, once the shovel flag was planted and the 11 HIM (The largest number of PAX recorded for F3_Firehouse) showed up, including a last second drop in by Pitstop, it was time to mosey


a quick run to the spot and a few warm ups

It was time to head to do the Thang, and everyone was excited to play with the new toys Dash and Skynyrd had purchased for the AO

The Thang:

The Thang for the morning utilized the equipment that was recently purchased and setup to give the PAX on heck of a Beatdown, here was the stations and the list of exercises for each, we almost completed the entire list twice and much to Skynyard’s delight, no running, but we still got a great work out, for sure

1 – Lunges
2 – Round Houses
3 – Squats
4 – Snatchs

Tractor Tire
1 – Flip & Stepover
2 – Box Jumps
3 – Sledge Hammer
4 – Spoke Derkins

Truck Tire
1 – Farmers Walk
2 – Farmers Walk
3 – Farmers Walk
4 – Farmers Walk

Slam ball
1 – Overhead Slams
2 – Merkins
3 – Oblique Slams
4 – Squat Toss

1 -Alternating waves
2 – Power Slams
3 – Outward Arm Circles
4 – Snakes in the grass

1 – Skull Crushers
2 – Shoulder Press
3 – Curls
4 – Front Raise Good morning

After all that it was time to head to the flagpole and get a bit of Mary in for the morning
Skynyrd started us off with the Firehouse classic – American Hammers
Ace Ventura added in 20 LBCs
Dash gave us some crab kickers which was a new one for most PAX but one that will most likely be revisited
Pitstop gave us what started out as innocent flutter kicks then he added in some angles and hold time 90 degrees, 45 degrees then 10 degrees , 10 more flutter kicks then another round of degrees 90, 60, 5
after that fun event it was time to move on to the namerama and head count- was it mentioned we had 11 PAX ( a tying of the AO record).
After that epic work out it was COT time


After the namarama and head count Skynyrd asked for pray request

Prayers for vaccine rollout
Prayers for the men at No Longer Bound
Continued prayers for Skynyrd’s daughter and speedy/complete recovery from surgery

Also Pitstop shared about NLB(No Longer Bound) there is an AO tied to NLB that meets every second Saturday of the month and he encouraged us to pray for the men and, if possible post at (#nlb-caneycreek) it is a huge blessing to be able to server and encourage these men as they strive/strive to overcome all the things they are facing, and you will also be able to server them a meal.

After that it was coffee time

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Dash aka Starbucks supplied the coffee, thank you sir!!  and after a bit of coffee talk it was time to head out or, for this morning we had 3 PAX, Buckeye, Schneider and Lightweight take off for a post BD run and Script kiddie and Ace Ventura went rucking to end the mornings.  After the ruck and run 2 HIM kept going Ace Ventura wanted to get a full hour of rucking in and Schneider had definitely eaten his Wheaties and  pulled a Forest Gump & ‘Just keep Runnin’.
It was a great beatdown with all the PAX truly enjoying the new equipment and ready to face the day knowing soreness would most likely come later but they all completed the Crossfit beatdown and were looking to add the equipment into future beatdowns.

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